Ben Rortvedt’s Yankees debut tells a ‘real’ story of perseverance


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Undeniably, Ben Rortvedt exists, and recent video evidence unequivocally substantiates his presence, effectively quelling any remaining skepticism among those associated with the Yankees catcher.

The question of Ben Rortvedt’s existence had turned into a playful running joke on social media for over a season, due to his prolonged absence from the field caused by multiple injuries. Interestingly, Ben Rortvedt was not only aware of the banter but also embraced it as part of the light-hearted narrative.

Ben Rortvedt acknowledged the ongoing joke and found it amusing, but emphasized his excitement about being part of the team and eagerness to concentrate on playing baseball.

Ben Rortvedt debut a win over setbacks

Promoted from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre due to starting catcher Jose Trevino’s left hamstring strain, Ben Rortvedt made his long-awaited debut in the Yankees’ lineup over the weekend in Cincinnati. He had an impressive performance, going 2-for-4 with a double in their 7-4, 10-inning win on Saturday afternoon at Great American Ballpark.

Ben Rortvedt expressed his excitement about the experience, noting how incredible it was to be surrounded by such talented players in the dugout. He acknowledged the team’s resilience, emphasizing that they never feel out of a game due to the presence of renowned players. He humbly mentioned his commitment to contributing his best and playing his part in keeping the team competitive.

Drafted by the Twins in the second round of the 2016 MLB Draft, Ben Rortvedt is a robust and square-jawed catcher known for his focus on defense and a serious attitude. His strong defensive skills and no-nonsense approach have drawn comparisons to a young Joe Girardi.

During his tenure with the Twins, Ben Rortvedt’s muscular physique garnered significant attention. A notable photograph captured by Minnesota team photographer Brace Hemmelgarn depicted Nelson Cruz examining Rortvedt’s biceps while both were in the team’s weight room, with Cruz handling a kettlebell.


According to Twins reliever Tyler Duffey, Ben Rortvedt’s impressive physique was not a result of excessive weightlifting. Duffey noted that Ben Rortvedt had a natural gift and was simply taking care of his physical attributes.

As part of the trade deal in March 2022, Ben Rortvedt joined the Yankees from the Twins along with third baseman Josh Donaldson and shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa. In return, the Yankees sent catcher Gary Sánchez and third baseman Gio Urshela to the Twins.

However, he faced some injury setbacks prior to joining the Yankees. He suffered an oblique strain during training camp, which kept him out of action. Additionally, Ben Rortvedt sustained a partial tear in the meniscus of his left knee after playing only two games in the Minor Leagues. Despite being called up to the major league squad in early September, he did not get the opportunity to play in a game. This led to the playful debate surrounding the existence of Ben Rortvedt as a player.

During the current season, Ben Rortvedt faced another setback when his spring training was abruptly halted. He became concerned when he noticed that his left index finger was consistently turning blue. This led to a startling revelation as medical examinations revealed an aneurysm in the posterior artery near his throwing shoulder. The diagnosis was alarming, as without intervention, it could have potentially required amputation.

Ben Rortvedt with Aaron Judge
Twitter/ Gabe

Ben Rortvedt expressed his satisfaction with the progress he has made since undergoing surgery. While acknowledging that his finger issue is still somewhat present, he emphasized the significant improvement he has experienced compared to before the surgery. He has grown accustomed to the lingering discomfort, which is now more in line with what a catcher would typically experience.

Ben Rortvedt followed John Cena’s move

Players and teams often find ways to express their creativity and showcase their individuality through celebratory gestures during games. These celebrations have become iconic moments in baseball history, such as Reggie Jackson’s famous Curtain Call or the memorable Exploding Scoreboard of the White Sox in the 1970s. In a recent game, a newcomer to the New York Yankees drew inspiration from WWE legend John Cena to celebrate his first hit for the team.

The Yankees have been on a remarkable run lately, displaying great resilience to overcome their early struggles in the 2023 regular season. In their latest victory, a newcomer to the team showcased his enthusiasm by embracing the spirit of John Cena during his celebration of recording his first hit as a Yankee.

In the Yankees’ recent matchup against the Cincinnati Reds, the Bronx Bombers secured a hard-fought victory in extra innings. The game proved to be a nail-biter, with the Yankees ultimately prevailing in the 10th inning. Adding to the excitement of the game was the debut of catcher Ben Rortvedt, who marked his first hit as a Yankee with a powerful double to deep left field in the 3rd inning. To commemorate the milestone, Ben Rortvedt Rortvedt delighted fans by performing John Cena’s renowned “You Can’t See Me” celebration. Among those captivated by the moment was Joe Randazzo, a Yankees enthusiast, who shared the celebration with his substantial following of 14.9k Twitter followers.

With a touch of humor, Joe Randazzo shared on Twitter that Ben Rortvedt’s John Cena celebration was fitting since he had been relatively unseen by fans. Ben Rortvedt had a strong debut for the Yankees, going 2 for 4 at the plate and displaying his batting skills. As a backup catcher, Rortvedt faces competition from two other catchers on the team, so it will be interesting to see if he will receive more playing time in the future.

The Yankees’ victory takes precedence as they maintain their impressive performance, building on a significant series win against division rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays. The team’s current form raises curiosity about the duration of their successful streak and how far it will carry them.

What are your impressions of the Yankees catcher embracing his inner John Cena? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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