Baseball bats, helmets among Yankee Stadium’s eccentric list of prohibited items

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Attending a game at Yankee Stadium is a classic fan experience. Witnessing legends like Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and the newly-acquired Juan Soto battle it out under the lights while enjoying a hot dog and cheering with your fellow supporters – it’s truly special.

However, before you head to the stadium, there are some items you absolutely cannot bring, no matter how innocent they may seem.

Yankee Stadium’s banned list: More than just the obvious

The Yankees, like all MLB teams, have a clear list of prohibited items on their website. Firearms, drugs, and obscene clothing are no-brainers. Bringing your own alcohol, even to save money, is a big no-no.

But beyond the obvious, there are some truly unexpected items you’ll have to leave behind:

Top 10 Bizarre Banned Items at Yankee Stadium:

Selfie Sticks: They might be great for capturing memories, but they’re considered a safety hazard at the stadium.


Drones: Buzzing around the field is definitely a no-go.


Brooms: Superstitious fans, leave your sweeping rituals at home.


Hoverboards: Forget cruising around the concourse – stick to your feet.


Television Sets: Unless you’re renting a luxury suite, leave the home entertainment at home.


Non-Service Animals: Emotional support animals, no matter how cute, aren’t allowed unless they assist someone with a disability.

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Air Horns: The roar of the crowd is enough excitement – leave the noisemakers behind.


Confetti: Throwing anything onto the field is a safety hazard and a major buzzkill.


Fireworks: These are strictly prohibited for obvious safety reasons.


Baseball Helmets and Bats: Leave your practice gear at home – these are only allowed for players and coaches.

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

Remember: Security checks are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. By following the rules, you can ensure a smooth and memorable experience at Yankee Stadium.

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