Why Trevor Bauer is certain that Gerrit Cole will advocate for his return to MLB

Amanda Paula
Thursday February 8, 2024

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In his latest attempt to revive his MLB career, Trevor Bauer, the embattled pitcher who played alongside Gerrit Cole in college, is making a fervent plea to any team willing to listen. Following a recent appearance on comedian Theo Von’s podcast, where he proposed playing for a performance-based league minimum contract, Bauer expressed his willingness to earn incentives and get back on the field. He added that Gerrit Cole would support him if needed.

Despite facing sexual assault allegations, which he maintains were settled in 2023, Bauer hinted at the possibility of garnering support from former teammate Gerrit Cole and current Yankees player, suggesting a camaraderie that transcends on-field competition. However, he acknowledged the potential reluctance stemming from the allegations, albeit maintaining a hopeful outlook on their personal rapport.

“I haven’t spoken to Gerrit. I don’t know how he feels about the off-field stuff. So I don’t want to put words in his mouth,” Bauer added. “But outside of that, yeah. If you were to ask me this before 2021, I would say, absolutely he’d vouch for me.”

Bauer seeks to return to the MLB

In his bid to attract potential suitors, Bauer even offered himself as a cost-effective alternative to high-profile free agent Blake Snell, highlighting his readiness to play for minimal financial outlay compared to the hefty sums demanded by Snell. Emphasizing his value proposition, Bauer suggested that teams seeking quality without exorbitant spending could consider him as a viable option.

After a hiatus of over two years from MLB, during which he served a suspension and played in Japan, Bauer has embarked on a media blitz, expressing remorse for his past actions and signaling his readiness for redemption. With a career spanning a decade, Bauer boasts a respectable record and a formidable strikeout rate, indicative of his prowess on the mound.

During his stint with the Yokohama Baystars in Japan, Bauer showcased his skills, reaffirming his capabilities as a competitive pitcher. As he strives for a return to the pinnacle of professional baseball, Bauer remains resolute in his pursuit, willing to embrace any opportunity that presents itself.

When did Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer work together?

Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer worked together twice. Firstly, as teammates at UCLA, both pitchers played for the UCLA Bruins baseball team for two years, from 2009 to 2011. While their personalities reportedly clashed, Gerrit Cole and Bauer combined to form a formidable pitching duo, helping the Bruins to a 10-0 start in 2010. They were also drafted 1st and 3rd overall in the 2011 MLB Draft, but never played together professionally.

Then, Gerrit Cole and Bayer indirectly competed for the Cy Young Award in 2018. Though not teammates, both pitchers had breakout seasons in the American League in 2018. Gerrit Cole, pitching for the Houston Astros, finished second in the AL Cy Young Award voting, while Bauer, with the Cleveland Indians, came in seventh. This created a unique situation where two former college teammates were both highly regarded as the best pitchers in the league.

As the baseball world awaits the outcome of Bauer’s impassioned appeal, the disgraced pitcher continues to navigate the complexities of redemption and resurgence, hopeful for a second chance to leave his mark on the sport he loves.

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2 thoughts on “Why Trevor Bauer is certain that Gerrit Cole will advocate for his return to MLB

  1. Dear Trevor,

    Because man, you, yourself, reach out to Gerrit yourself directly and have a conversation with him. Ask him too, if he would mind playing with you on the Yankees and if he’d put in a good word for him with the Yankees front office. Do not go through Matt Blake, go directly and do it yourself without an agent or an assistant doing the leg work. Show me something.

    A Yankees fan.
    Alan B.

  2. The accusations of “sexual battery” against Trevor Bauer seem Exceedingly Dubious, at best, and an Unadulterated Lie, at worst.

    To refresh the record, the woman who accused him of sexually battery & tried to sue him for Big Buck$ for allegedly doing that, took A SMILING SELFIE VIDEO OF HERSELF the next morning, with a Sleeping Bauer laying in bed in the immediate background! The video confirms that she could have run away at that point if she had in fact been assault, especially since Bauer is shown in the video wearing a sleep mask over his eyes. But she didn’t do that.

    Would an assault victim really posse for a Smiling Selfie Video while her assaulter lay sleeping nearby? Hmm.

    Well, let’s bring it down a level or two: If You were Robbed at Gun Point of your money by a masked robber, would you ask the robber if he’d be willing to pose for a Selfie with his Gun Pointing at You, while You Smiled Brightly in the foreground?

    If you were INSANE you might want to do that. But any sane person would want to run to the first policeman or nearest police station after such a scare. Right?

    But Bauer’s accuser didn’t do either of those things, as an assault victim would likely want to do. Instead, she took a smiling selfie of herself & her lover/rapist(?). Really!?

    Note also that Bauer & his accuser later reached a settlement of the dual lawsuits they filed against each other–AFTER prosecutors declined to bring charges against Bauer; and the accuser received NO MONEY in the settlement. What does that tell you?

    Moreover, as reported in several newspapers, including the NY Post and the following quote from The Independent, the accuser sent text messages to her friends that said things like the following, according to Bauer, and later confirmed by the victim in an interview:

    * “‘Next victim. Star pitcher for the Dodgers.’” (Allegedly sent before she met Bauer.)

    * “‘What should I steal?’” (A text she sent to a friend, allegedly before visiting his house.)

    * “The answer (to the above question)? ‘Take his money.’”

    Now, it’s important to note that his accuser ADMITTED referring to Bauer as her “Next victim” in an interview on “Prime Time with Alex Stein.” She just fluffed off the “victim” reference, claiming she’d dated a number of baseball players before, and he was The Next Batter Up, so to speak. Yes, she certainly sounds like an innocent young thing, doesn’t she? Let’s believe everything this sweetie says.

    The “Me Too” Movement served An Important Role in American society of saying, “No, means NO!”

    But that Worthy Movement shouldn’t be used by people with apparently nefarious attention$ to extort mega dollar$ from wealthier people.

    And the public shouldn’t allow themselves to USED by such people to deny a man (or woman) his livelihood because “Gee, we really want to be supportive of the woman who were REALLY victims of this behavior.”

    Yes, the overwhelming majority of people would agree that we want women protected from such conduct & we want to validate the cruelty of the suffering they endured. BUT, that doesn’t mean we should put on Blinders & Nuclear Blast Glasses when it appears a woman was Blatantly Lying about what happened to her.

    Men who are falsely accused of sexual assault have rights, too. And their rights should trump that of someone who appears to be a liar from the available Evidence.

    I have no idea whether Bauer is a misogynist; he may be a complete pig for all I know. But That’s Just The Point: WE don’t know for sure. So, punishing a man when the evidence is at best Extremely Dubious rings as Completely UnAmerican.

    Given the above, the Yankees should sign Trevor Bauer. If he’s willing to sign an approximately $1 Million dollar deal, laced with large performance bonuse$, you’d to be Insane not to agree to that.

    So, Yankees Ownership, STOP worrying about knee-jerk public reaction from people who haven’t looked at the available evidence. An accusation from a Selfie-taking “victim” is not sufficient proof to label Bauer as a sexual assaulter.

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