Back in action this weekend: Aaron Judge ready to rejoin lineup after brief absence

Aaron Judge, player of the Yankees
Amanda Paula
Wednesday March 13, 2024

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Aaron Judge‘s eagerly anticipated return to the Yankees’ spring lineup has been confirmed by manager Aaron Boone during a recent in-game interview with the YES Network. Judge, who had been feeling the toll of his spring training regimen earlier in the week, underwent an MRI on his core this past Monday. Fortunately, the results were clean, offering reassurance to both Judge and Boone, who regarded the tests as precautionary measures.

According to, following the MRI, the decision was made to grant Judge a brief respite from swinging before gradually reintegrating him into his regular routine later in the week. Since his MRI, Judge has refrained from batting; his last appearance in a game was on Sunday, during which he only managed two at-bats. However, he has remained active in outfield practice sessions at Steinbrenner Field throughout the week.

Aaron Judge’s readiness for Opening Day 

Aaron Judge, player of the new york yankees

Despite his limited participation, Aaron Judge has accumulated a mere six appearances in spring training games thus far, totaling 30 innings in the outfield and 16 plate appearances. Concerns naturally arise regarding how his body will cope with the demands of playing every day as the Yankees‘ primary center fielder once the season commences, especially considering his current discomfort from daily swinging. Nonetheless, the Yankees express confidence that this discomfort will not evolve into a lingering issue.

When questioned about his readiness for Opening Day on Tuesday, Judge expressed optimism, stating he was “pretty sure” he would be prepared to take the field. “I don’t want to speculate or talk about anything that hasn’t come yet, but the most important thing is taking some time now and being back out there soon,” Judge commented, emphasizing the significance of his imminent return to action.

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