At 36, Yankees’ LeMahieu clings on despite no numbers to show

Yankees' DJ LeMahieu makes a defense at Yankee Stadium against the Red Sox on July 7, 2024.

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Veteran Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu offered a candid evaluation of his season, characterizing it as “brutal” despite recent signs of improvement in his performance. Approaching his 36th birthday, he has struggled to return from injuries that have plagued him over the past three seasons.

The popular perception is that toe and foot injuries have taken a toll on him and “the juice is gone.” However, LeMahieu feels he has a lot to offer despite the numbers are stacked against his determination.

“I feel good in the box, I feel competitive and ready to go,” the infielder said on Sunday. “And I’m ready to help the team.”

Contrary to manager Aaron Boone’s suggestion that he might be “a little beat up,” LeMahieu asserted feeling physically sound. His statement followed scrutiny over recent baserunning incidents.

During Sunday’s 3-0 loss to the Red Sox, LeMahieu managed a double, marking only his third extra-base hit of the season. Yet, he was unable to score, underscoring the ongoing offensive challenges facing the team.

Despite a foot fracture that kept him out for the season’s initial two months, LeMahieu’s offensive output remains a concern for the Yankees. His slugging percentage of .210 ranks among the lowest for position players with comparable plate appearances, trailing only Martin Maldonado of the White Sox and recently released Jose Abreu.

LeMahieu admits lack of numbers but not ready to give up

The veteran infielder’s recent lack of power has been stark in a Yankees lineup heavily reliant on All-Stars Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, with sporadic boosts from Anthony Volpe and Ben Rice.

LeMahieu candidly addressed his ongoing struggles at the plate, acknowledging the frustration while emphasizing his dedication to persevere.

“It’s been frustrating,” he said. “There’s nothing to do but dig in and keep competing.”

DJ LeMahieu of the New York Yankees

Batting ninth for the third consecutive game against right-hander Kutter Crawford, LeMahieu underscored the importance of maintaining resilience despite the absence of tangible results. He noted the challenge of his personal slump coinciding with broader team difficulties.

According to him, “I felt good, but the results haven’t been there and that’s hard, especially when the team is going through what it is. You’ve got to keep working.”

Regarding his recovery from a foot injury, LeMahieu dismissed suggestions that his brief minor league stint might have been inadequate. Drawing a comparison to the truncated preparation period in the shortened 2020 season, he indicated that limited time wasn’t the primary factor affecting his current performance.

“I don’t think that’s why I haven’t been able to do more,’’ the Yankees infielder said. “I feel close, but the numbers don’t show that. You just keep going.”

Despite discouraging statistics, LeMahieu expressed confidence in nearing a turnaround. He affirmed feeling comfortable at the plate and poised to contribute positively to the team’s efforts.

LeMahieu’s remarks underscore his determination to overcome his slump and bolster the Yankees’ offensive efforts beyond their marquee players.

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