Aaron Boone’s fierce tirade and ejection highlight the stress of managing the Yankees

Yankees manager is arguing with umpire before his ejection on May 25, 2023, at Yankee Stadium against the Orioles.

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During the Yankees’ matchup against the Baltimore Orioles, Aaron Boone found himself being ejected from the game. This marked the fourth ejection for the Yankees manager in the current season and the second occurrence within a span of four games. The cause of his argument with Edwin Moscoso, the home plate umpire, revolved around disputes concerning the accuracy of the strike zone.

The demanding environment of managing the New York Yankees has certainly taken its toll on Aaron Boone. As the face of the renowned franchise, there is immense pressure for the Bronx Bombers to reclaim their dominance in Major League Baseball. With the team’s last World Championship title dating back to the 2009 season, Aaron Boone feels a strong responsibility to bring the coveted trophy back to New York.

Aaron Boone’s ejection has a reason

Lately, Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees, has developed a tendency to clash with umpiring crews. This pattern persisted in Thursday night’s game against the Orioles, as Boone found himself ejected once again, marking the third time he has been removed from a game in the team’s past 10 outings.

As frustration mounted over the inconsistent calls on balls and strikes by home plate umpire Edwin Moscoso, Yankees manager Aaron Boone found himself ejected from the game. During the heated exchange, Aaron Boone visibly displayed his dissatisfaction by holding up four fingers, indicating his belief that the umpire had missed multiple pitch calls by Yankees starter Clarke Schmidt. In the midst of the argument, there were reports that Aaron Boone could have unintentionally spit on Moscoso. Following his ejection, the Yankees manager continued to voice his grievances, this time directing his frustration toward first base umpire Chris Guccione.

According to relays displayed by the YES Network, a notable number of Clarke Schmidt’s pitches, approximately six, which appeared to graze the edges of the strike zone, were surprisingly called balls. Aaron Boone expressed his viewpoint on the situation, stating that Schmidt shouldn’t have been required to throw nearly 30 pitches in the opening inning.

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Shortly after Gunnar Henderson’s liner out to first base concluded the top of the third inning, Aaron Boone was ejected from the game. This occurred following a sequence where Henderson demonstrated good plate discipline, drawing a six-pitch walk in the first inning. During that at-bat, Moscoso called three pitches on the edge of the strike zone as balls. Henderson exhibited a similar discernment in his third-inning plate appearance, refraining from swinging at two pitches located on the outer part of the plate that was called balls.

Following his ejection from the game, the Yankees manager defiantly returned to the field and engaged in a heated argument with Moscoso, emphasizing his belief that the umpire had erred on four different ball and strike calls. Despite the attempts of bench coach Carlos Mendoza and crew chief Chris Guccione to restrain him, Aaron Boone persisted in expressing his grievances and frustration towards the umpire.

The Yankees manager clarified that his initial remarks, although critical of the umpire’s questionable calls, did not justify his ejection. However, once ejected, Aaron Boone made sure to make his discontent known, making the most of the situation. Crew chief Chris Guccione had to intervene and interpose himself between Moscoso and the fiery manager when Moscoso ignored the Yankees manager and turned his back on him.

Aaron Boone expressed his disagreement with the decision to eject him from the game, emphasizing that he remained composed and did not engage in any significant actions. Furthermore, he mentioned that it was unnecessary for him to be restrained by Guccione. The Yankees manager took issue with Moscoso’s dismissive attitude and walking away, which he found disrespectful. According to him, there was no need for restraint as nothing negative was going to occur from his side.

The Yankees manager expressed concern about a potential suspension due to an incident involving some saliva that may have come into contact with Moscoso. Following his ejection, Aaron Boone approached Moscoso on the field and engaged in a heated exchange, during which some spittle may have inadvertently breached the umpire. Although the Yankees manager acknowledged the possibility of a suspension, he personally believed that such an action would be unwarranted.

Aaron Boone expressed frustration with Moscoso’s decision to walk away during their argument, and he was dissatisfied with Guccione’s intervention as he attempted to resume the conversation with Moscoso. However, the Yankees manager emphasized that he had no intention of pursuing any further confrontation with Moscoso.

Is Aaron Boone under pressure?


Aaron Boone’s ejection on April 12 came during a game against Cleveland, followed by another ejection on May 15 against Toronto. His most recent ejection occurred on Sunday during the game against Cincinnati. In total, the Yankees manager has been ejected a notable 30 times throughout his tenure as the Yankees’ manager spanning over five seasons.

Ever since assuming the role of New York’s manager in 2018, Boone has consistently made umpires work hard. According to ESPN Stats & Info, he has accumulated a remarkable 30 ejections during that period, surpassing all other managers in baseball in terms of ejection frequency.

While it’s important to acknowledge that Boone’s tenure as the Yankees’ manager began in the 2018 season, it’s undeniable that he has amassed the highest number of ejections among all managers since then. Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles marked Boone’s 30th ejection during his time as the New York manager, highlighting his frequent confrontations with umpires.

In addition to his recent ejection in Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, Aaron Boone has now been tossed out of four games this season.

Despite performing relatively well in the fiercely competitive American League East this season, the Yankees entered the final game of the three-game series against the Orioles with a 30-21 record. However, they found themselves trailing the first-place Tampa Bay Rays by 6.5 games and the second-place Orioles by 3.5 games.

Despite the Yankees’ recent success, winning seven of their last nine games leading up to Thursday, Aaron Boone’s mood doesn’t seem to be negatively affected. If the team continues to perform well, it’s likely that the Yankees manager will maintain his assertive approach with umpires to sustain their positive momentum. However, it’s possible that Aaron Boone’s strained relationship with umpires will persist regardless of the team’s performance.

Boone says no to robot umpires

Although Aaron Boone has been vocal in expressing his frustrations to umpires, he remains opposed to the idea of replacing them with automated systems, such as the automated ball-strike system currently implemented in minor league baseball.

Aaron Boone expressed his viewpoint on the situation, stating that Schmidt shouldn’t have been required to throw nearly 30 pitches in the opening inning. However, he clarified that he was not endorsing the use of automated technology for making calls. The Yankees manager acknowledged the hard work and overall competence of the umpires, recognizing that occasional discrepancies may arise when high stakes are involved.

In addition to expressing his dissatisfaction with Moscoso and his increasing ejections from games, Aaron Boone firmly stated that he opposes the implementation of an automated ball-strike system in the major leagues. Despite the system’s adoption in Triple-A this season, which has received criticism from Yankees pitchers Luis Severino and Ryan Weber, the Yankees manager maintains his stance against introducing such technology at the highest level of the game.

Aaron Boone expressed his stance on the matter, stating that he is not in favor of robot umpires. He believes that the majority of umpires do a great job and work hard, acknowledging that occasional issues and disagreements are inevitable when there is a lot at stake in the game.

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