MLB history made; Yankees, Reds managers take center stage for record-breaking ejections

Umpires eject Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Reds manager David Bell at Cincinnati on May 21, 2023.

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In a rare Sunday morning matchup, the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds achieved a noteworthy feat. With the game taking place at the unusual 11:35 a.m. It witnessed another unprecedented feat when umpires ejected both managers — Yankees’ Aaron Boone and Reds’ David Bell.

It is a rare occurrence to witness both managers being ejected in a single game, adding to the intrigue of the early-morning clash between the Yankees and Reds. This is the first in MLB this season when both teams’ managers were ousted by umpires.

This unique event highlights the intensity and passion of the managers involved. Aaron Boone, with a total of 18 ejections (including today’s), holds the record for the most ejections among managers over the past three seasons. Meanwhile, David Bell, who has been ejected 12 times (including today’s) has the second-most ejections during the same period. Their competitive spirits have contributed to this rare occurrence on the field.

Aaron Boone, who has been at the helm of the Yankees for six seasons, boasts an impressive managerial record. He has guided the team to more than 90 victories on four occasions and has achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing the 100-win mark twice. Throughout his career, Aaron Boone has encountered some heated moments, resulting in a total of 29 ejections. On the other hand, Bell, currently in his fifth year as the Reds’ manager has 23rd ejection though he has a winning percentage of .457, showcasing his efforts in leading the team.

Aaron Boone’s 29th ejection

In the bottom of the first inning, the Yankees manager was ejected from the game following a replay review that favored the Reds. The review determined that the right fielder, Jake Bauers, mishandled a fly ball in fair territory, rather than it being ruled as a foul ball.

Upon review, a fly ball hit by Spencer Steer, which was initially called a foul ball, was determined to be fair. As a result, the umpires awarded Jonathan India, who was on first base, a run. Jake Bauers, who was playing right field for the Yankees, did not promptly return the ball after it was ruled foul.

While Aaron Boone didn’t dispute the ruling on the fly ball, his concern was with the umpires’ decision to permit Jonathan India to score all the way from first base on that particular play.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone, right, speaks with umpire Brian O'Nora in the first inning of a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati, Sunday, May 21, 2023. Boone was ejected by home plate umpire Emil Jimenez.
(AP Photo/Jeff Dean)

Jake Bauers didn’t feel any pressure to quickly recover and make a throw to home plate to stop Jonathan India from trying to score after the play since first base umpire Nestor Ceja first indicated that the fly ball was foul.

Nevertheless, after crew chief Brian O’Nora confirmed the Reds’ successful challenge, reversing the initial ruling and determining that Spencer Steer’s fly ball was fair for a double, he also declared that Jonathan India would be granted home plate.

Aaron Boone jumped out of the dugout immediately to voice his dissatisfaction, but O’Nora promptly ejected him, most likely because managers who argue replay review decisions are typically subject to an automatic ejection.

Aaron Boone acknowledged that his initial intention was to seek clarification regarding the ruling, stating that he wanted an explanation of why he couldn’t argue the decision. According to ESPN, the Yankees manager expressed his belief that he shouldn’t have been ejected from the game since, ultimately, he believed the ruling was probably the correct call.

Aaron Boone’s ejection on Sunday added to his impressive tally of 29 career ejections, with this being his third ejection of the current season. Notably, this was the first time he was ejected before noon, adding a unique aspect to the incident. Over the past three seasons, Aaron Boone holds the record for the most ejections among all managers in Major League Baseball, totaling 18. This ejection also marked the second expulsion of the Yankees manager during the team’s recent seven-game road trip, which concluded on Sunday.

David Bells’ 23rd ejection

During the bottom of the eighth inning, Reds manager David Bell expressed his discontent with what he perceived as a quick pitch delivered by the Yankees’ Wandy Peralta. Bell’s reaction was notably spirited, leading to his ejection, which marked the third time he has been ejected this season.

Throughout the series, Bell experienced two ejections, with the first one occurring on Friday during a routine substance check on the Yankees’ Clarke Schmidt, which resulted in a contentious situation and Bell being ejected.

Interestingly, Bell ranks second in ejections over the past three seasons with a total of 12. In the bottom of the eighth inning, he was ejected from the game, and his departure made a significant impact.

Bell’s ejection in this series marked the second time he was thrown out of a game, and it coincided with the Yankees’ sweep of the series.

Bell expressed his frustration by stating that he was unable to receive an explanation for the decision.


What followed was a remarkably intense reaction to the ejection, which stood out as one of the most dramatic responses in recent memory. While many managers opt to express their discontent in a forceful manner after being ejected, and engaging in prolonged shouting matches with the umpires, this particular incident took things to a whole new level.

Bell’s actions evoked memories of a bygone era, reminiscent of the days when managers would hurl bases, kick up dirt on the plate, and engage in even more dramatic displays of frustration. Bell passionately gestured at the umpires, visibly livid about the controversial call.

Red Sox analyst teases Boone

MLB podcaster and ardent Boston Red Sox supporter Jared Carrabis took great pleasure in witnessing yet another ejection of the manager from his team’s rival. Expressing his excitement, he shared the video and wrote:

“Aaron Boone gets tossed like twice a series.”

He also expressed criticism towards Bell’s actions during the ejection.

“David Bell going NUTS after getting ejected. This had all the feels of an old school throwback managerial ejection where the body language is just so preposterously animated. So good.”

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