Anthony Volpe’s remark shows all is not well in the Yankees clubhouse

New York Yankees' rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe hit a 3-run HR against Boston at Yankee Stadium on Aug 20, 2023.

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Sunday marked another unfortunate event, showcasing how the Yankees’ performance has been steadily declining.  Anthony Volpe‘s comments provide a clear indication of how chaotic the Yankees’ clubhouse has become.

According to Anthony Volpe, he does not think anyone was feeling alright or even close to being okay with their recent performance and the outcomes. He expressed that regardless of whether anyone had experienced a similar situation in the past, he sensed that everyone was quite upset.

“I don’t think anyone is OK or anything close to that with how we’ve been playing and the results,” remarked Anthony Volpe after the 6-5 loss to Boston. “Regardless of if anyone’s been through it before, I feel like everyone is pretty pissed.”

Anthony Volpe’s worrisome revelation

The rookie also shared a worrisome opinion about what’s going wrong with the New York Yankees following their most recent defeat on Friday. Anthony Volpe earlier made a revelation about the cause of the team’s inability to bounce back.

During the game against Boston, the Yankees ended up trailing 7-0 within the first two innings, and they eventually lost 8-3. This made people wonder once again about the problems the team is facing. After the game, Anthony Volpe was asked the same question, and he mentioned that the team was lacking energy and fun.

“Probably just energy and fun and enjoying the game and enjoying playing with each other,” he told. “It’s like the chicken or the egg. What’s gonna cause [the other] to change?”

Later, Volpe informed that the Yankees were aware they hadn’t reached their full potential throughout the year. He explained that despite this, they still had trust and belief in each other. He also said that they knew there was room for improvement and were focused on working towards that every day.

AP Photo/ Frank Franklin II

Even though Boone assures us that his team is still determined and not giving up, the Yankees experienced their eighth loss in a row on Sunday. They were beaten by the Red Sox with a score of 6-5. Lately, the things being said in the Yankee clubhouse have been pretty negative. Aaron Judge basically mentioned that the team wasn’t performing well and pointed fingers at teammates when he was asked about the current issues the team is facing.

Anthony Volpe is not alone

As it stands, if Anthony Volpe is the only one speaking honestly, it shows there is a really big problem with the Yankees. It confirms what fans have been worried about for a while – that there’s something unseen that’s been making it hard for the team to succeed or even meet the expectations they’re supposed to reach.

Boston won against the Yankees for the eighth time out of nine games this season. They got ahead in the ninth inning with a double by Justin Turner that put them in the lead, off Clay Holmes.

According to Kiner-Falefa, it was tough for them to be swept by the other team. He explained that they need to come in every day and do their best, trying to improve and accepting whatever results come their way. However, he emphasized that the current situation shouldn’t continue.

IKF playing for the Yankees

Schmidt added that they had been facing challenges lately and were fully aware of it. He acknowledged that they recognized the nature of baseball and believed they could overcome this tough phase. He pointed out that whenever they take the field, they are in control and have a chance to win, rather than lacking opportunities.

Mike Francesa criticizes Yankees for talking about a good show

On Sunday, the Yankees made a comeback three times against the Boston Red Sox. They could have lost a crucial point due to a doubtful decision at home plate during the eighth inning. The rookie, Anthony Volpe, scored his 17th home run of the season, hitting a great three-run shot in the seventh inning to even the score. Additionally, the starting pitcher, Clarke Schmidt, didn’t perform poorly in his 5.2 innings.

Boone admitted that they were facing a significant challenge, but he advised against thinking too broadly about the situation. He emphasized the importance of focusing on each upcoming day instead. According to him, the team was currently struggling and had just played a closely contested game in which some players made valuable contributions with important hits. Boone’s perspective was that progress should be made step by step, and he expressed the team’s need to embark on a winning streak.

However, Mike Francesa, who is known for criticizing the Yankees a lot, isn’t interested in hearing more positive talk from the team’s clubhouse. This feeling is especially strong because the Yankees lost their eighth consecutive game, 6-5. Despite their efforts during Sunday’s game, the Yankees have only won one out of eight games against the Red Sox this season. They’re also quite far from getting a chance to compete in the playoffs, with 8.5 games behind the last wild card spot. With 38 games left to play, this is a challenging situation. Additionally, this is the first time they’ve lost eight games in a row since 1995.

Mike Francesa is with Brian Cashman

Francesa tweeted that according to the analysis after the game, it was said that the Yankees displayed a significant amount of ‘fight’ during the match. He then commented that now they were talking about moral victories, expressing his skepticism. He exclaimed, “Come on! This is the Yankees!”

In terms of the numbers, the Yankees still have a chance, but when it comes to their feelings and enthusiasm, they seem to have given up. Even though the owner, general manager, and manager talked about this last week, if they didn’t agree, one of them should send a white flag emoji in their text conversation to show they’re giving up. It’s fortunate that Yogi Berra isn’t here to witness the Yankees going against his beliefs.

With a record of 60-64, the Yankees are at risk of not continuing their 30-year streak of winning seasons. Since June 4, they’ve won only 24 out of 63 games. This past Sunday, the Red Sox added to the Yankees’ struggles by winning all three games in a series at Yankee Stadium, making it feel like they were suffocating the team’s hopes for victory.

Francesa’s criticisms have been directed at owner Hal Steinbrenner. He’s portrayed Steinbrenner as a profit-driven owner who seems content with securing playoff spots that lack a true chance at a championship. The motivation behind this strategy, according to Francesa, is to continue profiting from loyal Yankees fans through high-priced tickets, parking, food, and complex streaming agreements that confuse viewers who might not have much money or are feeling disheartened. He further stated that the team seems to be focused on getting every possible dollar from their audience and fans.

Aaron Boone, the manager of the New York Yankees, is making a gesture during the post-game press meet on Aug 19, 2020, at Yankee Stadium.

Francesa has also strongly criticized general manager Brian Cashman for putting together a starting lineup at the beginning of the season that many fans realized had problems. This lineup included players like Aaron Hicks, who has been let go since then, and Josh Donaldson, who is expected to be released soon. The team also had catchers who weren’t very good at hitting, a rookie playing shortstop, and a designated hitter who was being paid a lot but isn’t performing well, hitting only.199. This designated hitter has also been dealing with injuries and slowing down the team on the bases and in terms of the payroll. Additionally, the team’s closer has been inconsistent.

Even though the bullpen’s statistics show that it’s one of the best in Major League Baseball, Francesa has been skeptical about it from the very beginning. This past Sunday, the team’s closer, Clay Holmes, allowed the opposing team to score the winning run during the ninth inning.

Francesa stated that the Yankees added players to the roster who, in his opinion, should never wear the Yankees’ pinstripes. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t go into detail about certain issues with the pitchers they’ve signed. According to him, some of the problems are due to bad luck, and some are a result of incompetence. He referred to a collection of pitches that don’t contribute positively in any manner and aren’t even used during games.

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