Anthony Volpe remains unfazed after Denver field intruder targets him

An intruder throws a shirt and yells at Anthony Volpe during the Yankees’ win over the Rockies on July 15 at Coors Field.

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An intruder breached the security at Coors Field during the eighth inning in Saturday night’s game and sprinted onto the field from the left side to approach Anthony Volpe. He hurled a T-shirt in the direction of the rookie shortstop and yelled at him before being swiftly apprehended by security personnel. However, Anthony Volpe remains unfazed by the incident.

Despite the stress caused by the incident, Anthony Volpe managed to find humor when questioned about the fan’s motives. The rookie Yankee laughed, contemplating whether the intruder was merely a drunken fool or if there might be something more to the story.

“Oh God,” Volpe said with a smile. “I don’t know. I never had that happen before.”

The intruder managed to get close to Anthony Volpe

In the bottom of the eighth inning, with the Yankees enjoying a comfortable 6-2 lead, reliever Tommy Kahnle prepared to deliver the opening pitch. However, the game took an unexpected turn when a daring fan leaped from the left-field stands onto the playing field.

While positioned behind second base, Anthony Volpe stood attentively and observed the intruder, who in a daring act breached the field and charged toward him at Coors Field.

Initially looked entertaining, the audacious act garnered loud cheers from the packed crowd. However, the thrill turned to fear for the young Yankees rookie as the bearded, dark-haired intruder rapidly closed the distance between them. Just as security was closing in on the trespasser, he threw a white t-shirt toward Anthony Volpe. The man was apprehended moments later while pointing and shouting something in the player’s direction.

“I was pretty startled by it all, but I thought the stadium security did a great job and got him out of there,” Anthony Volpe said. “I know he was saying something. I couldn’t hear whatever he was saying.”

Clutching a t-shirt tightly in his right hand, the intruder sprinted past Yankees left fielder Billy McKinney, making his way toward the infield with a single security guard hot on his heels. As he approached second base, his pace faltered as he noticed three more guards converging from the front, closing in on him.

Undeterred, the intruder attempted to make a statement by hurling the shirt toward Anthony Volpe, but his aim fell far short of its target. Nevertheless, he persisted, pointing and shouting animatedly toward the Yankees’ player, just as he was brought down hard to the ground by the pursuing guards.

An intruder throws a shirt and yells at Anthony Volpe during the Yankees’ win over the Rockies on July 15 at Coors Field.
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Anthony Volpe made an amazing defensive display during the game.

Aaron Boone was angry over the incident

Yankees manager Boone commented that such incidents involved individuals, who under the influence of alcohol engaged in reckless behavior for amusement or as a result of a wager. In this particular case, however, the intruder appeared to be upset about something, prompting concern. Boone expressed relief that the security team was able to apprehend the individual without any significant incidents occurring swiftly.

Even from the safety of the Yankees dugout, manager Aaron Boone couldn’t help but feel a twinge of concern at the unfolding incident.

An intruder throws a shirt and yells at Anthony Volpe during the Yankees’ win over the Rockies on July 15 at Coors Field.
AP Photo/ David Zalubowski

“Usually it’s just some drunk idiot running out, having fun on a bet,” Boone said. “He looked like he was mad at something. Glad they were able to secure him and nothing major happened.”

Following a brief interruption, the game resumed its course as soon as the rule-breaking fan was apprehended, handcuffed, and escorted off the field. His actions warranted a likely arrest on criminal trespass charges, with the venue management considering a lifetime ban for him.

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One thought on “Anthony Volpe remains unfazed after Denver field intruder targets him

  1. Unconscionable. No excuse. Lucky it was only some drunk probably looking for an autograph. What if it was something more sinister? Security should never have let him get so close.

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