After disappointing debut, Yankees GM expects Rodon to be closer to expectations in 2024

Carlos Rodon, player of the New York Yankees in 2023.

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In the aftermath of Marcus Stroman’s introductory press conference, Brian Cashman, the General Manager of the New York Yankees, expressed confidence in the current state of the team’s rotation. However, he shared confident over Carlos Rodon’s comeback as well.

Brian Cashman expresses optimism over Carlos Rodon’s comeback

Cashman emphasized that the team is in a constant state of evolution and is always open to improving where and when possible. While acknowledging the strength of the existing rotation, he maintained a cautious approach, recognizing the unpredictability of a baseball season that spans 162 games.

“We have a very strong team in my opinion, but we always look to try to improve upon it where we can and when we can,” Cashman stated. “If we run into any opportunities that make enough sense, it’s a possibility. Otherwise, we do like what we have.”

Gerrit Cole is set to lead the rotation, with Carlos Rodon and Marcus Stroman following. Despite Rodon’s challenging performance in the previous season, Cashman expressed optimism about the pitcher’s motivation to bounce back in 2024. Rodon’s early arrival at the training camp in Tampa and his impressive form contributed to the positive outlook.

“[We are] very optimistic that Rodon can return to form and be the pitcher we know he’s capable of being,” Cashman affirmed.

Shifting the focus to the lineup, Cashman addressed the situation of Giancarlo Stanton, who endured a challenging 2023 season. However, Cashman conveyed that Stanton is in “a really good place” with his offseason conditioning, signaling his intent to overcome the injury struggles that have plagued him since 2019.

Cashman also provided updates on star prospect Jasson Dominguez, indicating that the young player is expected to return “sometime in the summer” as he continues his recovery from Tommy John surgery.

While acknowledging the potential best-case scenarios for the upcoming season, Cashman emphasized the Yankees’ awareness of the numerous question marks surrounding the team. He emphasized the need to earn success and stated that the only way to do so is by having the most talent and insurance policies within reasonable limits.

“No one is handing us a trophy. We need to go earn it,” Cashman declared. “And the only way to do that is to have the most talent and the most insurance policies you can possibly have within reason.” As the Yankees approach the 2024 season, Cashman’s remarks highlight the team’s commitment to continual improvement and preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead.

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