Aaron Judge plans to play into 40s, endures stinging boos for Yankees loyalty

Yankees captain Aaron Judge speaks during an interview on the "Casa de Klub" podcast, July 9, 2024.
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Wednesday July 10, 2024

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Yankees captain Aaron Judge recently expressed his aspirations for a prolonged baseball career during an interview on the “Casa de Klub” Podcast.

The six-time All-Star, currently leading the MLB in home runs despite a slow start to the season, articulated his ambition to play until he’s 40, inspired by the extended careers of sports icons Tom Brady and LeBron James.

“So that’s where you see these guys [Brady and James], where they’re playing at the top of the game. They’re winning Super Bowls, they’re winning championships and they’re in their 40s. It’s like, man, that’s where I want to be,” the Yankees captain said. “”I think they kind of paved the way where it’s like, man, I want to play till I’m 40. Like I want to be able to play until, hey, you know what, I’m done with this game. I gave it everything I could and like I’m at peace with it.”

Aaron Judge emphasized his goal to continue playing until he feels he has given everything to the game and can retire with a sense of fulfillment.

“Like that’s where I want to get at in my career because some guys, they play and it’s like their body breaks down, something like gives out on them to where they can’t perform where they want at the highest level.”

Aaron Judge, player of the new york yankees
The New York Times

Both sports stars have shown that athletes can maintain elite performance levels well into their 40s. The Yankees slugger commended them for winning championships at that age setting a benchmark he aspires to reach in his own career. Aaron Judge underscored the importance of sustaining peak performance and avoiding the physical decline that often leads athletes to early retirement.

Aaron Judge’s remarks highlight his determination to not only maintain his current success but to extend it over a long period. These comments from him also underscore his commitment to long-term excellence and his desire to leave a lasting impact on baseball, aiming to mirror the enduring legacies of other sports greats who have defied age-related limitations in their respective fields.

Aaron Judge bears boos for Yankees loyalty

Yankees star Aaron Judge reflecting on an incident from April, he recalled being booed by fans after striking out four times against the Tampa Bay Rays. He described the experience as tough but preferred facing criticism in New York to indifference elsewhere, recognizing it as a sign of the fans’ high expectations and passion.

“You don’t like hearing it, it stings,” Aaron Judge said. “But, I wouldn’t want any other way man. I’d rather be getting booed in New York for not doing what I need to do. If I am not, I’d rather hear that.”

Aaron Judge also spoke about the changing atmosphere in the Yankees’ clubhouse, highlighting the contributions of newcomers Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Marcus Stroman. He praised the team for its ability to draw energy from each other and strive for improvement. The slugger singled out Soto as a generational talent and a player dedicated to winning, appreciating how well the new additions have meshed with the existing team culture.

Yankees' players: Juan Soto, Aaron Judge and Alex Verdugo
North Jersey

According to him, “How we feed off each other and just kind of push each other you know and then like you said when you bring a guy like Soto in who’s a stud generational talent, you know a gamer a ball player like he just wants to win and you add that to you know the culture we have and the people we have here and it’s it turns into something special that’s for sure how has he been like obviously the onfield speaks for herself you know you knew what you were getting there.”

The Yankees captain expressed optimism about the potential for something special with the new players, emphasizing their seamless integration both on and off the field. Aaron Judge also mentioned his close friend and teammate Anthony Rizzo, confident in his ability to rebound and contribute significantly.

Aaron Judge’s comments offer a glimpse into the team’s internal dynamics and his perspective on fan interactions. His remarks underscore his leadership role, maturity, and understanding of the unique pressures of playing in New York. Despite recent challenges, Aaron Judge remains optimistic about the Yankees’ future and is committed to steering the team through adversity.

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