Aaron Judge’s hoodie gives New York fans a sigh of relief

Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge is still trying to break the record for most home runs in the American League. In the background, the story about his next contract, which will soon be the main story, keeps coming up. He wore a sweatshirt to the ballpark on Monday that might have given baseball fans in New York a sigh of relief.

Aaron Judge wore a hoodie that said “New York or Nowhere” across the chest, which may have been a not-so-subtle hint about where he’d like to play once he’s eligible for free agency this winter. Or, it could just be a way to show how much he likes the city he has lived in for the past seven years.

Aaron Judge is going to make a lot of money this off-season because of how well he did this year. He has hit 60 home runs and been chasing Roger Maris’ AL record of 61 home runs in a season. The slugger is also a contender to win the Triple Crown first time since 2012.

In June, he signed a $19 million deal with incentives with the Yankees. When asked about his plans for the future, Judge has not said anything. Randy Levin, the president of the Yankees, said earlier this month that he would love to sign Judge to a long-term deal. Based on Judge’s outfit on Monday, it seems like he might feel the same way.

Levine told:

“There’s no issue about ‘Do we want Aaron Judge back?’ There’s no issue [with] ‘how much we value him.’ It’s a negotiation. What we’ll talk about with him and his representatives in the offseason is, ‘How do we keep him?’ And then it will be up to him to see, does he want to stay here [or] does he want to go someplace else? Is somebody offering him a better deal?”

The Giants may try to entice him away to San Francisco while the Dodgers and the Red Sox may join also bid for him. The Yankees also see a threat from their cross-town rivals the Mets.

Will Aaron Judge stay in New York for the upcoming season?

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