Aaron Judge greets Hit-King Pete Rose with four hits

Aaron Judge greets Hit-King and Reds legend Pete Rose at Great American Ball Park on May 20, 2023.

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The undisputed king of home runs, Aaron Judge, has a task on hand on Saturday against the Reds. Among the 41,374 at Great American Ball Park was Pete Rose, the maestro who holds the MLB record for the most hits in Major League Baseball history. When the home-run king meets the hit king, it is obvious to expect balls to fly.

Aaron Judge chatted with Pete Rose

Before the Saturday afternoon game between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds got underway, a fascinating scene played out and it soon caught camera eyes. Aaron Judge was in conversation with the legendary Pete Rose.

Speculation was rampant as to the substance of Aaron Judge’s question to Pete Rose as their conversation progressed. Did Aaron Judge ever think to suggest a swap, trading one of his tremendous 30-home run seasons for one of Rose’s famed 200-hit seasons? Maybe Rose, always a baseball expert, wanted to absorb just a fraction of Aaron Judge’s explosive force. Unfortunately, their conversation is still veiled in mystery, and their secrets are still being concealed from the nosy public.

The Hit King Pete Rose

With an illustrious 24-year tenure in Major League Baseball, Pete Rose etched his name in the annals of the sport, amassing an extraordinary 4,256 hits while maintaining a formidable .303 batting average. The Cincinnati Reds stood as the primary beneficiary of Rose’s exceptional abilities, as he dedicated an impressive 19 seasons to their cause. Remarkably, a staggering ten of those seasons witnessed Rose’s mastery, as he notched remarkable 200-plus hits. His versatility on the field knew no bounds, as Rose showcased his prowess at first, second, and third base, leaving an indelible mark in both corner outfield spots as well.

Pete Rose has received numerous honors in a number of fields where expertise is highly prized. He was selected to play in 17 All-Star Games, a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication, and his ability to consistently shine on the sport’s biggest stages. Two Gold Gloves attest to Rose’s defensive prowess and show his quickness and savviness on the field. By winning the Most Valuable Player award, baseball’s highest honor, Rose cemented his place as a legend of the game. 

Rose had a spectacular first season, earning him the title of Rookie of the Year and setting him on the course for a brilliant career. In addition, Rose’s three World Series titles are a crowning achievement in his career and add distinction to his name forever. The Cincinnati Reds’ bright colors were on display for two of these victories, while his Philadelphia Phillies uniform was the source of the third. Extraordinary contributions to baseball’s highest event won Rose the title of Most Valuable Player in the 1975 Fall Classic, adding to his already legendary World Series story.

Aaron Judge and Pete Rose similarities

At the age of 31, Aaron Judge established himself as a major player in baseball. In 2022, he reached the peak of his abilities and was named the American League’s Most Valuable Player. Throughout that historic season, he displayed an astounding display of power, hitting 62 home runs to forever cement his place in AL annals. The New York Yankees’ star outfielder shone brightly in the Saturday game with a.278/.381/.624 batting line, 13 home runs, 29 RBIs, and a.624 on-base percentage. 

Aaron Judge has become a byword for acclaim and recognition as he has been named to the MLB All-Star team four times and has won the Silver Slugger Award three times. Furthermore, his enormous potential was recognized early in his career, as he was named Rookie of the Year in just his first season. The New York Yankees signed Aaron Judge to a historic nine-year, $360 million contract this offseason, a testament to their unwavering faith in his ability and insuring his continuous presence as a cornerstone of their success.

As the vibrant hues of Saturday dawned upon the baseball landscape, the New York Yankees found themselves positioned with a commendable 27-20 record, gracefully claiming the third spot in the fiercely competitive AL East. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Reds stood at a respectable 19-25, their valiant efforts securing them a commendable fourth place in the dynamic NL Central division.

In a thrilling showdown on Friday night, New York emerged victorious in the opening clash of their three-game encounter against Cincinnati, triumphing with a resounding 6-2 scoreline. The electrifying spectacle witnessed Aaron Judge, the star slugger, unleashing a momentous solo homer during the initial inning’s top half.


Aaron Judge has a message for Pete Rose

In a thrilling 7-4 victory over the Cincinnati Reds after 10 innings, Yankees’ respected captain Aaron Judge gave a performance for the ages with his bat. Pete Rose, the all-time leader in Major League Baseball hits, watched this unbelievable feat happen from his perch behind the catcher’s plate.

Aaron Judge’s outstanding performance came together flawlessly as he displayed a perfect 4-for-4 day that included a leisurely stroll and an incredible trio of runs batted in. In the 10th inning, particularly, he hit a crucial single straight through the middle of the field, sparking a flurry of excitement as Greg Allen dashed across home plate and gave the Yankees a 5-4 lead. A magnificent home run by Anthony Rizzo in the very next at-bat solidified the outcome and ensured a spectacular victory just as excitement was reaching its peak.

Aaron Judge said that when the hit king was in town, one had to put some hits out there. He mentioned that their offense, throughout the lineup, had done exactly that. He specifically highlighted Benny (Ben Rortvedt), who was playing his first game in the big leagues with the Yankees this year. Aaron Judge expressed his admiration for Benny’s performance, mentioning that it was cool to see him go out there and get a couple of knocks. He also acknowledged Benny’s significant contribution behind the plate and his excellent at-bats.

Aaron Judge’s day

Aaron Judge hit a massive home run at Rogers Center to lead the Yankees to victory on May 16, 2023.

In the face of adversity, with an 0-2 count and one out, the formidable Ian Gibaut poised to strike, and the crucial go-ahead run just 90 feet from home on third base, Aaron Judge’s tenacity shone brilliantly. Harnessing his unwavering determination, he swiftly seized the opportunity, masterfully connecting with Gibaut’s 86 mph breaking ball and skillfully directing it down the left-field line, fueling a surge of elation and propelling the Yankees closer to victory.

Aaron Judge explained that in such a scenario, it is essential to maintain a particular mindset. According to him, when standing at the plate, the count becomes irrelevant. He emphasized that the pitcher is the one facing a difficult situation. While the batter has the opportunity to provide their team with a crucial lead. With talented teammates like Rizzo and DJ LeMahieu backing him up, Aaron Judge highlighted the importance of remaining composed and approaching each at-bat with confidence. The specific count, whether it be 0-1, 0-2, or 3-2, should not affect the approach. 

Aaron Judge said that, in that situation, he had swung and missed at the first two. However, he knew that, sooner or later, he would get something over the plate and not miss it.

With a record of 28-20, the Yankees triumphed in their consecutive series and achieved an impressive 10 wins in their last 13 games, starting from May 7 when they faced an 8-7 defeat against the Tampa Bay Rays. Despite their recent successes, Judge is well aware that there is still work to be done.

Aaron Judge stated that they were still not there yet and mentioned their current batting statistics, which included a slash line of .299/.400/.642, 13 home runs, and 32 RBI in 38 games this season. He further expressed that their team had not yet clicked, but what he liked to observe was the competitiveness of their teammates during at-bats.

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