Aaron Judge calls Randy Vasquez a ‘bulldog’ after his Miami outing

Yankees' pitcher Randy Vasquez took to mound on August 11, 2023, at Miami after Nestor Cortes' injury resurfaced.

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MIAMI — The Yankees fallback on Randy Vasquez to start against the Marlins after Nestor Cortes’ rotator cuff injury resurfaced. Though his start was not like a savior for the Yankees, he stood his ground and didn’t appear to be vulnerable. His attacking style led Aaron Judge to compare Randy Vasquez to a bulldog.

During what could have been a trial for the upcoming games, Randy Vasquez didn’t seem to perform like a savior. With his team on a lead, the young starter adopted an attacking approach. This is quite good for the Yankees at this point in the season when they need to be aggressive. Aaron Judge commended Randy Vasquez though he allowed two runs in the Yankees’ 9-4 win against the Marlins

“He’s a bulldog. He’s not afraid of anybody,” Aaron Judge said of the young starter “Attacks the batter, which, especially when you got a lead, you got to do that.”

Randy Vasquez ingrains in Yankees win

The right-handed pitcher did what was needed to contribute on Friday night at LoanDepot Park. This was especially important because the Yankees’ pitching lineup was already short, and it became even shorter.

Just before the game started, Nestor Cortes was put on the injured list due to a strain in his left shoulder. This injury is probably going to keep him from playing for the rest of the season. Cortes is now on the injured list along with Carlos Rodon, who has a hamstring strain. There’s also Frankie Montas on the IL, who had surgery on his right shoulder and probably won’t be able to play this season. Domingo German won’t be playing on the field for the rest of the year. He had to leave the team to deal with a problem related to alcohol.

Right now, Gerrit Cole and Clarke Schmidt are part of the team, but there’s Luis Severino who hasn’t been performing well with an 8.06 ERA. There are also players like Jhony Brito and Randy Vasquez, who are not as well known.

The Yankees, who were really in need of help, turned to Randy Vasquez. He didn’t perform like a star pitcher, but he threw enough good pitches to keep the team going, which he has now done in all four of his career starts.

Randy Vasquez conveyed that he holds confidence in his capacity to aid the team. He has an ERA of 1.89 across 19 major league innings. Additionally, he indicated a commitment to giving his best whenever an opportunity to pitch arises.

Following two innings pitched by opener Ian Hamilton, Randy Vasquez came into the game while the Yankees were ahead with a score of 4-2. He pitched for 3 ⅔ innings during which he gave up two runs from three hits and a walk.

The Yankees’ batters hit the Marlins’ pitches well, so the only thing the right-handed pitcher had to do was make sure he didn’t get into too much trouble.

Manager Aaron Boone commented that the rookie, Randy Vasquez, fulfilled all the necessary tasks. Randy was pitching after a rest of eight days, and for the first time this season, he was in the bullpen. Boone mentioned that Randy managed to throw accurate pitches and entered the game when the team was already in the lead. He also made use of all his pitching skills.

The 24-year-old pitcher didn’t make the opposing batters miss the ball much. He got two strikeouts and only made the Marlins’ batters swing and miss four times out of 28 attempts. However, he aimed to make the batters hit the ball and used a variety of six different pitches to keep the Miami players uncertain.

Aaron Judge described Randy Vasquez as someone with a determined and fearless attitude. He mentioned that Vásquez didn’t shy away from any challenges. Randy Vasquez conceded runs due to a Jake Burger RBI double in the fourth inning and a Josh Bell home run in the sixth inning. Judge hailed the aggressive attitude of Randy Vasquez when facing batters, especially when the team was ahead, saying that this approach was essential in such situations.

Throughout this year, Randy Vasquez’s activity has been inconsistent. He made a start in the major leagues every month from May to August. He hasn’t had a total breakdown yet. His longest time on the field has been 5 ⅔ innings, and he hasn’t given up more than two runs in any game.

He has performed well enough, especially considering the Yankees’ problems with their pitching rotation. This has made it reasonable for the team to give him more chances. For Randy Vasquez, each start presents him with an opportunity to enhance his learning and become more at ease at this level.

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One thought on “Aaron Judge calls Randy Vasquez a ‘bulldog’ after his Miami outing

  1. Randy Vasquez needs to slide into either Rodon’s or Cortez’s spot in the rotation. Brito needs to claim one of those rotation spots I just mentioned. Severino should not start another game the rest of the year.

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