10 longest home runs by Aaron Judge

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hits a 464-feet home run at LoanDepot Park, Miami, on August 11, 2023.

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In a remarkable display of power, Aaron Judge launched a colossal home run, propelling the New York Yankees to a 9-4 victory over the Miami Marlins on Friday evening. Notably, this mammoth shot became the lengthiest homer ever recorded at LoanDepot Park this season.

Utilizing Statcast, the projected distance, exit velocity, and launch angle of Aaron Judge’s astounding 464-foot home run were calculated, registering an impressive exit velocity of 113.8 mph.

This towering home run now stands as his season’s lengthiest, outshining his previous record of a 462-foot homer against the Blue Jays in Toronto back on May 15, 2023.

In the third inning, Aaron Judge’s home run off Jesús Luzardo evoked memories of a different year: 2017, when he clinched his sole Home Run Derby victory right on this field. That year, he stole the spotlight from the local favorite, Giancarlo Stanton, by consistently launching balls toward the Biscayne Bay.

While Aaron Judge’s hit off Luzardo only added a single run to the scoreboard, its Statcast-projected distance of 464 feet was a throwback to his power-packed display. This blast into the center-field batter’s eye stood as his longest among the 22 home runs he’s tallied this season. Notably, it also claimed the title of the longest home run hit in Miami throughout this season.

However, Aaron Judge’s homer off Luzardo wasn’t his longest ever. Here’s a rundown of his ten most prodigious home runs.

#1. 513 ft, July 11, 2017

Prior to becoming the reigning AL home run leader, Aaron Judge showcased his baseball-blasting prowess in the Home Run Derby. He hammered out a remarkable four homers that soared beyond the 500-foot mark, with a standout shot measuring an astonishing 513 feet. This impressive display culminated in Aaron Judge claiming victory and being crowned the Home Run Derby champion.

#2. 496 ft, Sept 30, 2017

Amidst the resounding chants of “M-V-P,” Aaron Judge concluded a remarkable 52-homer regular season with a stunning shot off Marcus Stroman of the Blue Jays. This exceptional drive soared into the left-field bleachers, surpassing a 96-year-old record held by Babe Ruth, all within a thrilling 2-1 victory for the Yankees.

Judge’s powerful hit registered an impressive 118.3 mph off his bat, solidifying its place as one of the longest recorded by Statcast. This feat also shattered Ruth’s 1921 record of 32 home runs hit by a Yankee on their home turf. Reflecting on this achievement, Judge humbly deemed it a “remarkable accomplishment,” while his manager at the time, Joe Girardi, marveled at Judge’s exceptional prowess, noting his capacity to wield the bat with exceptional danger when making contact with the ball.

#3. 495 ft, June 11, 2017

Aaron Judge swung mightily at a Logan Verrett slider, propelling it into the realm of his 20th home run for the 2017 season. The ball burst forth from his bat with an astonishing speed of 118.6 mph. As the game progressed, Aaron Judge furthered his supremacy in Major League home runs by adding another impressive shot in the Yankees’ resounding 14-3 triumph against the Baltimore Orioles. In a playful jest, his teammates playfully abstained from offering him the customary high fives, a lighthearted nod to his prodigious power.

#4. 487 ft, Sept 30, 2017

Amidst the Saturday afternoon ambiance at Yankee Stadium, a resounding chant of “M-V-P!” echoed through the air as Aaron Judge, then the league HR leader, stepped up to the plate. With a powerful swing, he etched his name into history, surpassing a record held by none other than Babe Ruth for 96 years. This momentous feat fueled the Yankees to a 2-1 triumph over the Blue Jays.

Aaron Judge’s resounding impact was felt in the fourth inning when he unleashed a thunderous response to a 2-0 fastball delivered by Marcus Stroman. The ball soared off his bat, embarking on a 484-foot journey that culminated in the bleachers of left field, as measured by Statcast™. This marked Aaron Judge’s 33rd home run at Yankee Stadium, a remarkable achievement that eclipsed Babe Ruth’s (1921) record for the most homers hit by a Yankee in a single season on their home turf.


#5. 471 ft, May 23, 2018

Once again showcasing his trademark power, Aaron Judge delivered a monumental display on Wednesday, propelling a colossal 471-foot home run deep into center field against the Rangers. This awe-inspiring shot temporarily widened the Yankees’ advantage over the Rangers in the heart of Arlington, Texas.

#6. 469 ft on Sept 23, 2017

In a remarkable feat, Aaron Judge crushed the most impressive home run at Rogers Centre during that particular season, launching a remarkable 469-foot shot into the second deck of left field. The Blue Jays’ Marco Estrada was on the receiving end of Judge’s power, as this colossal hit accounted for the Yankees’ sole run in an 8-1 defeat against Toronto.

According to Statcast data, the home run left Aaron Judge’s bat at an astonishing 113.6 mph and soared at a launch angle of 25 degrees. This remarkable hit marked his 23rd home run with an exit velocity surpassing 110 mph for the season, trailing only the Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton (31) in this remarkable statistic.

#6A. 469 ft, Aug 16, 2017

In August, Aaron Judge once again displayed his immense power by belting a solo home run against the Mets.

#7. 468 ft, Aug 2, 2020

Even in a vacant stadium, Aaron Judge demonstrated his prowess. Stepping into the spotlight during a nationally broadcasted Sunday night matchup, he crushed an eighth-inning homer off Matt Barnes, securing a 9-7 triumph over Boston. The ball left his bat at a velocity of 113.9 mph, marking Aaron Judge’s sixth home run in a span of five games.

#7A. 468 ft, Sept 3, 2017

Aaron Judge crushes a towering two-run home run to the left field, extending the Yankees’ lead to 9-1 in the bottom of the 6th inning. Demonstrating his immense power in September, Aaron Judge smacks a 468-foot homer during a commanding victory against the arch-rival Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

New York Yankees' star Aaron Judge watches his two home runs against Angels
Frank Franklin II / AP

#8. 465 ft, Sept 22, 2022

Stepping up to the plate in the fifth inning, Aaron Judge found the Yankees in the lead, a result largely influenced by his earlier contributions. Earlier in the game, he unleashed a three-run shot that traveled 436 feet, securing the 16th spot on the longest home run list. This remarkable shot sailed beyond the Orioles’ bullpen and into the Yankees’ bullpen in deep left center. In his third at-bat of the game, Aaron Judge connected in a similar vicinity, but this time the ball traveled nearly 30 feet farther, clearing the bullpens with ease.

How long was Aaron Judge’s first homer?

In 2016, Aaron Judge introduced himself to the MLB stage, facing the Tampa Bay Rays as his inaugural opponents. This marked the moment the world got to witness Aaron Judge adorned in the iconic Yankees colors, showcasing his true potential. At the age of 24, Judge took his place at the eighth spot in the lineup at the Yankees Stadium. His opponent on the mound was Matt Andriese, and Judge made a memorable entry. He marked his presence with a remarkable 446-foot home run to center field, a feat that stood as the longest home run of the Statcast era at that time.

How long was Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR record?

In a historic moment on October 4, 2022, Aaron Judge achieved a remarkable milestone by hitting his 62nd home run of the season. This exceptional feat not only marked a new single-season American League record but also took place during the first inning of a game against the Texas Rangers on a Tuesday. The ball soared through the air, covering a distance of 391 feet, solidifying Aaron Judge’s place in baseball history.

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