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Aaron Judge and his mom Patty
John Allen
Monday January 2, 2023

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At his official return ceremony on December 22, 2022, at Yankee Stadium, where he was named the 16th captain, Aaron Judge revealed that coming back to New York was a family decision that was helped by his mom Patty, dad Wayne, and wife Samantha. In a 2017 interview, Judge said that his mom was the reason he became a Yankee. He told MLB.com that he “wouldn’t be a New York Yankee” if it weren’t for his mom.

Aaron Judge has a huge body that looks like it came straight out of a comic book, but his mother, Patty, is the real strength behind the slugger. Judge said that his mom has affected every choice he has ever made, and he said that she is a very caring person.

“The guidance she gave me as a kid growing up, knowing the difference from right and wrong, how to treat people and how to go the extra mile and put in extra work, all that kind of stuff,” he said at the time. “She’s molded me into the person that I am today.”

Patty adopted Aaron Judge when he was 2-day old

When Aaron Judge made baseball history in 2022, his parents, Patty and Wayne Judge, who are both retired physical education teachers from Linden, California, were there to cheer him on. The proud parents have become regulars at Aaron’s baseball games and kept cheering for him as the Yankees tried to make it to the World Series in 2022. They did not, however, give birth to Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge was born in Sacramento, California, on April 26, 1992. He is of two different races. The next day, he met Patty and Wayne, who adopted him. In 2015, the slugger told the New York Post that was the first day his parents held him.

“My parents are amazing, they’ve taught me so many lessons,’’ the power hitter said. “I honestly can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me.’’

Aaron Judge is grateful to his father

Aaron Judge also has a lot of good things to say about his dad, Wayne. He told PEOPLE in July 2022 that his father has always been there for him. Aaron Judge said, “He’s always been my hero and someone I looked up to.”

The slugger also spoke about playing catch with his dad outside. “Looking back on those childhood memories, I could tell he didn’t want to do it. I could tell he was tired. He’d had a long day of work. But he never said no. He never complained. So for me, that’s why he’s still the hero in my eyes.”

“My dad gets done working. He’s tired, he just wants to hang up and rest up. But he’s always taken the time to spend five minutes, ten minutes with me. Those are things, those are memories I hold on to until this day. He’s always been, my hero. I’m always a guy who looked up to him.”

Aaron Judge’s had a closed adoption

There are rumors that Aaron Judge was given up for adoption because his birthmother “didn’t want him.” But Judge and his parents have never talked about the personal details of his giving up in public.

Aaron Judge’s wedding to Samantha Bracksieck in December 2021 hasn’t gotten much attention on social media, and the slugger hasn’t said much about it because he wants to keep things private. We know they met in high school and went to college together. Aaron Judge says that his wife gives him more stability and happiness in his life.

The slugger told the New York Post, “My wife has been with me through it all, and she’s as cool as a cucumber.”

Aaron Judge also has a brother John, who was adopted as a child, just like him, and the two of them grew up together. When Judge was about 10 or 11, he asked his parents why he didn’t look like them.

Aaron Judge and his white parents were very different from each other. Even after he found out he was adopted, he got along well with Patty and Wayne. Judge told the New York Post,

“I was about 10 or 11, and we didn’t look much alike, so I started asking questions, and that was that. I had no problem with it. It didn’t bother me much because those are the only parents I’ve ever had.

“Not much has changed. I really don’t remember much about it because it wasn’t that important. They just told me I was adopted, so I asked, “Is it OK if I go play outside?”

Aaron Judge has never thought that being adopted was a big deal. When he was 10, his parents told him the news. He asked right away, “OK, can I go outside and play?” His adoptive parents, who both taught physical education in California before they retired, taught him from a young age the value of loyalty, hard work, and respect.

Aaron Judge was adopted through a “closed” adoption, which means he has never met his birth parents and will never do so. The slugger has never felt the need to look into his family history or find his real parents since he became an adult.

“John, Aaron’s older brother, teaches English in Korea. We’re also very proud of him.” John’s age is 29. “This was the way things were meant to go.” Aaron doesn’t care much about who his real parents are.

Aaron Judge said that he doesn’t feel anything for the people in question, so he has no plans to try to find them. According to him:

“The only people I’ve ever known are my real parents. So, I guess that’s just how things are. If other babies grow in the womb, I grew in my mother’s heart. Since the day I was born, she has been nothing but kind and warm to me. I’ve never had to question anything or change the way I think in all my years.”

Aaron Judge also hasn’t ever shown any desire to find his birth parents. He said to Newsday:

“I have one set of parents, the ones that raised me. That’s how it is. Some kids grow in their mom’s stomach; I grew in my mom’s heart. She’s always showed me love and compassion ever since I was a little baby. I’ve never needed to think differently or wonder about anything.”

Aaron Judge talks to his parents every day.

Aaron Judge’s parents made education a top priority

Aaron Judge had to do his homework before he could do other things, like play with his friends or use a video game console since he was a young boy. His parents wouldn’t let him go outside to play if he didn’t finish his homework on time. Aaron was an all-star athlete who was a star in three different sports.

When Aaron Judge graduated from high school, the football teams at UCLA, Stanford, and Notre Dame all reached out to him. Also, the Oakland A’s picked Aaron with a draft pick in the 30th round in 2010. His parents pushed him hard to become a football player, but he turned down professional offers and college scholarships. He went to Fresno State, where he grew up both as a person and as an athlete and met his wife.

Mom means all for Aaron Judge

During the 13th annual Yankees’ Hope Week event in July 2022, Aaron Judge gave his mom some well-deserved praise. He always calls his mom and sends her flowers on Mother’s Day to thank her for everything she’s done for him: “I’ll just thank her again for everything she’s done and tell her I wouldn’t be where I am now without her love and wisdom.”

After New York beat the Blue Jays 8-3 at Rogers Centre, Aaron Judge gave his mom the home run ball in the locker room. The mother and son had a sweet moment together when they hugged and took pictures while Patty wore his No. 99 jersey.

Patty sat behind the Yankees’ dugout and looked very emotional as the outfielder tied the historic mark. As Aaron Judge went around the bases, she was seen cheering and clapping.

Did parents force Aaron Judge into baseball?

Dad Wayne once said, “His mother and I just wanted him to be a good person. But we knew he was very talented from a very young age, as soon as we put a ball in his hand.”

Aaron Judge was a star in baseball, basketball, and football during his last two years of high school at Linden High. He also did well in the classroom. But his parents and destiny made him one of the greatest Yankees and a baseball superstar.

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