Aaron Hicks homers as boos continue to rain down in Bronx

Aaron Hicks grounds out to third during the second inning of a baseball game against the New York Yankees, Tuesday, July 4, 2023, in New York.
AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

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In the latest series between the Yankees and the Orioles, all eyes were on Aaron Hicks as he made his much-anticipated return to his former home at Yankee Stadium. The outfielder, who has been on the receiving end of boos from the Yankee faithful throughout the games, made a statement with his performance against his old team.

On July 3rd, Hicks went 1-4, and on July 4th, during the Yankees’ 8-4 victory, he recorded three at-bats, one run, and one hit.

When the Yankees signed Aaron Hicks to a seven-year, $70 million contract extension in 2019, they had high hopes that he would regularly take advantage of the short right-field fence at Yankee Stadium.

However, Aaron Hicks achieved that feat on Tuesday afternoon, albeit in a different uniform than originally planned.

Home run in the Bronx

Aaron Hicks ignites Bronx boos with impressive home run, creating a charged atmosphere at the game.

Now playing for the Orioles, the unpopular former Yankee outfielder belted a solo home run during the July 4th matchup against his former team in the Bronx. Following a single in the Giants’ 6-3 loss on Monday night, this marked Aaron Hicks’ second hit of the series, marking his first visit to his former home.

The home run in the fifth inning narrowed the Orioles’ deficit to 3-1 and was followed by a double and another home run by the next two batters, tying the game at 3-3.

The ball traveled just 372 feet, with an exit velocity of 99.1 mph, and would have been a home run in only four MLB stadiums, according to the Home Run Report. Aaron Hicks finally capitalized on the famous short right-field fence at Yankee Stadium, which he failed to exploit during his over seven seasons in the Bronx fully.

Throughout the series, Hicks has been the target of boos from Yankees fans, reminiscent of the hatred he faced on the team. He has been taunted at every plate appearance while in left field, even during a tribute video that the Yankees displayed on the big screen before Monday’s game. These jeers continued after his home run on Tuesday, with fans throwing the ball back onto the field as he rounded the bases.

Fresh start

Aaron Hicks' home run fuels Bronx boos, amplifying tension and emotion in the Yankee stadium.

The 33-year-old player has endured a difficult season at the plate with the Yankees and in recent seasons since signing his contract extension. This peaked in late May, leading the Yankees to cut their losses and designate Hicks for trade finally. At the time of the decision, he held a batting average of .188/.263/.261, with an OPS of .524 and just one home run. The Yankees still owe approximately $27 million over the next three years.

Aaron Hicks has experienced somewhat of a revival since signing with the Orioles. As of Tuesday, he boasts a batting average of .262/.374/.465, with an OPS of .838 and four home runs with Baltimore.

Aaron Hicks’ return to Yankee Stadium may have been met with boos and hatred from the fans, but he made his presence felt on the field. His home run showcased the potential the Yankees envisioned when signing him to the lucrative contract. While his tenure in pinstripes may have been disappointing, Hicks has found new life with the Orioles, proving that he still can make an impact in the game.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Hicks homers as boos continue to rain down in Bronx

  1. Hicks, like most players, can’t handle the pressure of being a NYY. We need players who don’t need steroids or foreign substances on their pitches, and a trading staff that can keep players eslthy, and a coaching staff that can help players with the pressure

  2. Hi ks is a dirtbag for kneeling for the national anthem, he should try that garbage in Iran, he will be frigging beheaded.

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