Boone blown away by Spencer Jones’ speed: “He can legit fly”

Spencer Jones and Aaron Judge at Yankees spring training facility in Tampa 2024

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Spring has barely sprung at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, and already there’s a buzz you can’t ignore. It’s not just the Florida sunshine or the crack of bats that’s catching everyone’s attention—it’s Spencer Jones. With Aaron Boone raving about his speed, saying “He can legit fly,” it’s clear this isn’t just any prospect we’re talking about.

Spencer Jones already catching everyone’s eye

Imagine this: a 6-6 giant, sprawled by his locker, scribbling away in a baby blue notebook. It’s not your typical image of a baseball player, but that’s Spencer Jones for you. Not just content with being a towering figure on the field, he’s also a thinker, a planner. This Vanderbilt communications major, still chasing his degree, has made journaling as much a part of his training as batting practice.

Jones isn’t just another name on the Yankees’ roster. After lighting up the stats in High-A Hudson Valley and Double-A Somerset last season, he’s on everyone’s radar. With a batting line that boasts .267/.336/.444, plus 16 homers and 66 RBI, he’s the talk of the town. And did we mention he swiped 43 bases last year? For a big guy, Jones has speed that surprises and delights in equal measure.

Spencer Jones as a New York Yankees prospect

Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ home run king, and Hal Steinbrenner, the man with the final say, both see something special in Jones. And it’s not just his performance at the plate. This off-season, Jones focused on refining his swing and adding muscle, all while keeping that speed that Boone can’t stop talking about.

Are trade winds blowing?

But with the spotlight comes speculation—will Jones be wearing pinstripes for long? The Yankees have been tight-lipped, especially after trade talks involving Jones and Chicago White Sox’s Dylan Cease came to a halt. It’s clear the Yankees see Jones as a star in the making, someone who could become a fixture in their outfield.

Dylan Cease could be on the radar of the Yankees

Yet, in baseball, as in life, nothing is certain. The team’s immediate needs, especially for pitching, might force a tough decision. Could Jones, with all his promise and potential, be traded for a piece that fits the Yankees’ puzzle right now? It’s a question that looms large, even as Jones focuses on the day-to-day, on learning from teammates like Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and on taking every opportunity to grow.

Jones isn’t just a player; he’s a story in the making. As he takes notes, works on his game, and dreams of the future, everyone around him can’t help but dream a little too. Whether he stays a Yankee or becomes the key to a blockbuster trade, one thing’s for sure: Spencer Jones is a name we won’t forget anytime soon. What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Boone blown away by Spencer Jones’ speed: “He can legit fly”

  1. Do NOT trade Jones under ANY Circumstances!!!

    5-TOOL PLAYERS ARE EXTREMELY RARE IN THE HISTORY OF MLB! which is why virtually every team that’s spoken with the Yankees about trading with us has asked for Jones. Always Jones!

    When basically every team you talk with — from the Padres, to the Brewers, to the White Sox, to virtually every other team — DEMANDS ONE SPECIFIC PLAYER, that is, JONES, the league is OVERWHELMINGLY telling you that JONES has True SUPERSTAR Potential!

    And I’m Sick of the ABJECT STUPIDITY of people saying “Prospects are Suspects” until they prove themselves. Yo, Morons, Soto, Judge, Acuña, May, Mantle, Aaron, etcetera, etcetera, were once Prospects. It isn’t like prospects are picked from farm fields with labels attached to them that say: “Hey, I’m a future All-Time Great!”

    Yes, some prospects never reach their potential, but buying into the STUPIDITY of labeling all prospects as Suspects means you’re virtually guaranteed of missing out on the Sotos, Judges, Acuñas, Mays, Mantles, Aarons, and other GREAT players.

    Remember, Yankee fans that if it wasn’t for the Brilliant Leadership of GMs like Gene Michaels & Bob Watson, The Boss reportedly would have traded Bernie Williams & Mariano Rivera & possible others for “established,” but substandard, players.

    And Without Bernie & Mo, the Yankees would NOT have won ANY World Series during that wonderful championship run with Bernie, Mo, Jeter, Posada, and Pettitte.

    So, to anyone who says, “Yea, trade Jones for an established, but aging starter because Jones is “just a Prospect” and “Prospects are Suspects,” I say: “Shut, The H*ll Up, You Morons!”

    1. Gene Michael stopped those deals. Willie Randolph stopped Mo from being traded. Torre stopped Pettitte from being traded. Bob Watson was allowed to go about his business because had Stick running interference.

      1. I seriously doubt that Randolph could have stopped Mo from being traded. He could have recommended it, of course, but, ultimately, the credit most likely goes to Michaels & Watson.

        They had the “power” to set policy, especially when The Boss was suspended. Then, when George came back from his suspension, he fortunately saw, understood & respected the superior knowledge of Michaels & Watson, to whom Yankee diehards owe HUGE THANKS.

  2. The biggest reason right now why Jones won’t be traded for Cease, or any other available SP, is simply because the other team is not valuing Jones for the top prospect he is, and he is just considered part of the gang these teams want back in trade. Now, if they start respecting him in trade talks, who knows?

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