Can Luke Weaver fill the Yankees void left by Michael King?

Luke Weaver is at Yankees' spring training camp in Tampa on Feb. 18, 2024.

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The New York Yankees solidified their pitching depth by re-signing right-hander Luke Weaver to a one-year, $2 million contract during the offseason. This move underscores the importance of pitching depth in baseball, as the team aims to maintain a well-rounded pitching staff throughout the season.

Luke Weaver, acquired via waivers from the Cincinnati Reds in September 2023, is expected to fill the void left by injured pitcher Michael King. His experience and versatility are seen as valuable assets, contributing to the team’s overall pitching depth.

Luke Weaver chasing a tall task

Prior to his trade to the San Diego Padres as part of the Juan Soto deal in December, Michael King displayed versatility and adaptability within the New York Yankees pitching staff.

Yankees pitcher Luke Weaver is seen pitching during the 2023 season.

Initially developed as a reliever, King emerged as a reliable option throughout the bullpen. He consistently delivered high-leverage innings in crucial late-game situations, demonstrating his ability to handle pressure. Additionally, King showcased adaptability by providing multiple innings in relief when needed, offering valuable flexibility to the pitching staff.

In late 2023, the Yankees began transitioning King into a starting role, where he displayed promise before sustaining an injury. His versatility, however, remained a valuable asset, contributing to the Yankees’ pitching depth and flexibility throughout his tenure with the team.

Luke Weaver commented that handling the role posed an interesting challenge, noting that it involved a lot of unpredictability.

Following his re-signing, Luke Weaver brings a wealth of experience and versatility to the New York Yankees’ pitching staff. Similar to Michael King before his trade, Weaver may be called upon for occasional spot starts alongside his primary relief role.

Throughout his career, Luke Weaver has showcased adaptability across various pitching roles. During his brief stint with the Yankees last season, he made three starts and maintained a solid 3.38 ERA over 13 1/3 innings. This experience, combined with his 106 career starts and 144 total appearances, adds depth and flexibility to the team’s pitching options.

Luke Weaver’s pitching repertoire primarily features a fastball, changeup, and cutter, with a focus on further refining his curveball during the offseason. This diverse arsenal, coupled with his experience, positions him to contribute effectively in various pitching situations throughout the season.

Luke Weaver expressed confidence in handling various roles in the majors, noting that it provides him with a sense of readiness and comfort. He acknowledged that no one in such a role has truly mastered it, but emphasized the importance of being adaptable on any given day. Weaver highlighted the significance of preparation, particularly during spring training, to ensure he is well-equipped to perform effectively whenever called upon.

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One thought on “Can Luke Weaver fill the Yankees void left by Michael King?

  1. I’m not looking for Weaver to be the Michael King replacement, I’m looking for him to be the long man/the occasional 6th starter. I need him able to throw 4 innings from Day 1 if the season.

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