Yankees’ Spencer Jones makes headlines with 470-ft home run in first spring training game

Hudson Valley Renegades outfielder Spencer Jones during media day on April 5, 2023. Renegades Media Day

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In a thrilling Saturday afternoon showdown against the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees’ rising star, Spencer Jones, made a significant mark by smashing his first home run in the iconic pinstripes. During the Spring Training game, the highly skilled prospect demonstrated his abilities, helping secure the Yankees’ commanding 9-2 lead, culminating in a 22-10 victory by day’s end.

How did it happen?

Spencer Jones, player of the New York Yankees

Statcast recorded the impressive feat, revealing that Jones’ homer covered an astounding distance of 470 feet to right-center. Despite the wind favoring the right side, the power-packed hit soared beyond the bullpens, ultimately landing on the concourse. The sheer force behind the swing left spectators in awe as Jones confidently asserted his presence on the field.

To relive the exhilarating moment when Spencer Jones etched his name in Yankees history with that monumental home run, we invite you to witness the action yourself. Click on the following link to view the video capturing the powerful swing and the ball’s remarkable 470-foot journey to right-center:

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One thought on “Yankees’ Spencer Jones makes headlines with 470-ft home run in first spring training game

  1. A gifted left-handed hitter with the speed to play CF in YS? What’s not to like? Now, Jones won’t get the run in major league. smo that Dominguez got last year, but if he takes advantage his opportunities, and gets off to a very good start at AA, could be beat Dominguez to the active roster at Triple-A?

    Also, if he does all this, anybody going to wonder why everyone was asking for him in trade talks and why they said NO?

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