Yankees quietly add former A’s third baseman Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, the newest addition to the Yankees

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The New York Yankees find themselves immersed in trade speculation as the offseason progresses, with the sluggish pace of the free-agent starting pitching market prompting exploration of alternative avenues. The dominos of the market began with the decision-making process of two-way phenomenon Shohei Ohtani, causing a ripple effect that eventually saw rising star Yoshinobu Yamamoto make his free-agent choice. Despite the presence of available stars like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery, the protracted free-agent negotiations have forced the Yankees to consider the trade market.

Yankees acquire third baseman from A’s

One recurrent name in the Yankees’ trade discussions is that of Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease. The talented right-handed pitcher has repeatedly emerged as a potential target for the Yankees, and recent reports suggest that the wheels might be in motion for a significant trade. Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report delved into possible trade scenarios involving Cease, proposing a deal that includes top prospect Spencer Jones.

Reuter’s trade proposal outlines the potential exchange of Cease for a package comprising outfielder Spencer Jones, right-handed pitcher Will Warren, catcher/first baseman Ben Rice, third baseman Tyler Hardman, and left-handed pitcher Edgar Barclay. Notably, the proposal rules out top prospects Jasson Domínguez and Chase Hampton, the latter remaining off-limits after the departure of fellow top pitching prospect Drew Thorpe in the Juan Soto trade. Jones and Everson Pereira emerge as the most plausible centerpieces for a deal involving Cease, even though they may not be consensus Top 100 prospects. Reuter emphasizes that a competitive offer would necessitate a robust collection of secondary pieces.

The Yankees, having already engaged in farm system transactions earlier in the offseason, are evidently not averse to further reshaping their roster. The looming possibility of losing Juan Soto at the conclusion of the 2024 season adds urgency to the team’s quest for a championship. Acquiring Cease could be the strategic move that positions the Yankees for success, solidifying their pitching rotation and bolstering their chances in a highly competitive league.

The proposal to trade Spencer Jones, a top prospect in the Yankees’ farm system, reflects a willingness to part ways with promising talent in pursuit of immediate success. Jones, along with the other players mentioned in the proposed deal, forms part of a calculated gamble that the acquisition of Cease would significantly enhance the team’s chances in the upcoming season.

As the offseason progresses and trade talks intensify, the Yankees find themselves at a crossroads, weighing the potential impact of parting with a top prospect against the imperative to fortify their roster for a championship push. The baseball world awaits the resolution of these trade discussions, with the outcome poised to shape the trajectory of the New York Yankees in the upcoming season and beyond.

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  1. Clearly the article was accidentally posted under the wrong title since there’s no mention of the Yankees picking up a new third baseman. This is getting really old, this habit of posting bogus headlines just to get clicks, then writing the same nothing six times in a row. where’s your professional pride?

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