Yankees fans react to Marcus Stroman’s ‘s*t’ message about pitching in pinstripes

Marcus Stroman joined the New York Yankees on January 11, 2024.

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The Yankees’ recent signing of Marcus Stroman has ignited a fervor among fans, prompting them to grab their jerseys – some in excitement, others in skepticism. The pitcher, a fiercely competitive player who had been openly critical of the Yankees in the past, now expresses feeling “very, very honored” to don the pinstripes. However, the question remains: can the Bronx Bombers forgive and forget?

Marcus Stroman’s emotional announcement on Instagram created ripples, yet the response from Yankees fans is a mix of cheers and jeers. While some eagerly welcome the two-time All-Star’s undeniable talent, anticipating his contribution to the rotation, others approach with caution, still haunted by Marcus Stroman’s previous declarations, including the assertion that no current Yankee pitcher could match him in five years.

Marcus Stroman’s awkward message to Yankees fans

Excited over his pinstripes future, the pitcher posted a message on Instagram:

“Can’t wait to put on THE PINSTRIPES and feel the energy in Yankee Stadium,” Marcus Stroman wrote. “Honored to put on the uniform. Very very honored. Will compete to the highest degree for you all. The authentic confidence and swagger I play with is a direct result to growing up in New York culture.”

“Truly can’t wait to feel the buzz and vibe of the crowd on start day,” Marcus Stroman added. “That’s the shit we dream about as kids. I get chills thinking of these dreams turn to reality! @yankees.”


The roots of this friction trace back to 2019 when, as a Toronto Blue Jay, Marcus Stroman was traded to the Mets. Following Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s characterization of him as “not a difference-maker,” he took to social media, launching barbs and mocking the Yankees’ pitching. The rivalry was intense, and the scars may not have fully healed.

The Yankees signed Marcus Stroman on January 11, 2024, for two years.

Although Marcus Stroman’s skill on the field is unquestionable, concerns linger. How will his outspoken personality align with the clubhouse dynamics? Can fans overcome their reservations and place trust in a player who once doubted their team? These lingering questions swirl like dust devils in the Bronx as the unfolding Marcus Stroman saga captivates the baseball world.

Yankees fans react

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