Yankees place Nick Burdi on 15-Day IL with hip inflammation

Amanda Paula
Friday April 19, 2024

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The New York Yankees faced a setback prior to their matchup against the Rays as they announced roster adjustments. Nick Burdi, who had showcased remarkable performance during spring training, earning a spot in the bullpen, has been placed on the 15-day injured list due to right hip inflammation, retroactive to April 17th. This unfortunate development adds to Burdi’s history of injuries, including multiple surgeries. Despite his promising start to the season with eight strikeouts in 6.1 innings without conceding a run, Burdi’s absence leaves a void in the bullpen.

Yankees call up Morris

Cody Morris, player of the new york yankees

To compensate for Nick Burdi’s absence, the Yankees have called up Cody Morris from Triple-A to join the bullpen. Although Morris doesn’t possess the same velocity as Nick Burdi, his diverse pitching repertoire, consisting of a four-seamer, cutter, curveball, and changeup, offers a different approach to striking out batters. Morris arrives with a 1.93 ERA in four Triple-A appearances but will need to address his elevated walk rate.

Nick Burdi, player of the new york yankees

Additionally, the Yankees have added outfielder Taylor Trammell to the active roster after claiming him off waivers from the Dodgers. Trammell, once a highly touted prospect, has struggled to establish himself in the majors despite being drafted 35th overall by the Reds in 2016. With a career slash line of .165/.266/.361 and a high strikeout rate, Trammell aims to revitalize his career with the Yankees.

Meanwhile, DJ LeMahieu’s anticipated return from injury faces another delay as a recent MRI revealed his foot hasn’t fully healed. Initially scheduled to begin a rehab assignment in Double-A Somerset, LeMahieu’s absence prolongs the uncertainty surrounding his 2024 season. The Yankees now target Tuesday for his rehab assignment, emphasizing the cautious approach to ensure his full recovery.

Nick Burdi’s injury underscores the volatility of baseball careers, while the additions of Morris and Trammell reflect the Yankees’ adaptability in navigating roster challenges. As LeMahieu’s rehabilitation progresses, the team remains vigilant in managing player health and performance to sustain competitiveness throughout the season.

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One thought on “Yankees place Nick Burdi on 15-Day IL with hip inflammation

  1. After we lost 4 pitchers from last year’s bullpen, including 2 Very Significant Pieces in Michael King & Wandy Peralta, what did Brian Cashman do to add some Bonafide Bullpen Arms of similar stature in the offseason. The answer: Next to nothing!

    Yet Another Stroke, Minus Any Genius, by Brainless Brian Cashman!

    But Sir Braindead wasn’t done there in his roster Deconstruction. No, the Boy Witless decided that one of the Most Injury-Prone SHORT Relievers in baseball, Jonathan Loáisiga, should replace King as our GO-TO LONG Reliever — as in, you’d have to “GO TO” an Insane Asylum or a Cemetery to find someone with Less Baseball Intelligence than Brian Cashman.

    The only time a sentient human being should use the words GO TO in connection with Jonathan Loáisiga’s name is to say: “One thing is for damn sure, Jonathan Loáisiga will GO TO the Injured List at least once this year for an extended period.”

    AND CONSIDER THIS: Supposed “experts” say there’s a Yankee Tax on trades because they’re Wealthy. BS! The Dodgers are Wealthy, too, but they don’t get hosed on trades like the Yankees do. Why not? Because Every GM in baseball looks at Cashman’s Moronic trade history — like his “brilliant” trade for IKF & Donaldson’s bloated $50 Million 2-year contract — and they say, “Cashman’s an Idiot! If you keep pressing him for More Players & More Money, he’ll give in & give you anything you want.” THAT’S why there’s a Yankee Tax in trades!

    So, I ask again: Why does Brainless Brian Cashman still have a job?!!!

    What’s the Over/Under on DUMB Moves & Non-Moves by Brainless Brian before he gets fired, HAL? Is it 5 Million moronic trades, 10 Million, or INFINITY SQUARED?

    Somebody please wake Hal the F-Up!

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