Yankees’ offseason quest: Cody Bellinger or international talent?

Cody Bellinger, a player for the Chicago Cubs, has been linked with a move to the Yankees.

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Cody Bellinger might be looking for another club, and with the latest rumors surrounding the MLB market, maybe his newest club is nothing more than the New York Yankees.

Cubs’ disappointing 2023 season sparks Cody Bellinger speculation

Cody Bellinger, a player for the Chicago Cubs, has been linked with a move to the Yankees.

The Chicago Cubs’ 2023 season came to a disappointing close as they missed the MLB Playoffs. This prompted the team’s ownership and front office to take a hard look at their approach to building a competitive roster for the future. While they came close to success, the Cubs have made it abundantly clear that “close” isn’t good enough for their lofty aspirations. The season’s letdown has ignited a fire under the team’s leadership to construct a winning squad around their current assets.

In the quest for this rebuilding journey, one of the cornerstones is none other than star outfielder Cody Bellinger, who shone as Chicago’s top batter during the regular season. The Cubs are eager to secure his services in free agency, with high hopes of making him a cornerstone of their lineup. However, Bellinger’s extraordinary 2023 performance, including an MVP-caliber season, is bound to attract significant attention and, consequently, a hefty contract.

Yankees’ pursuit of Cody Bellinger in 2023 offseason

Among the teams with their sights set on acquiring Bellinger is the New York Yankees. Jon Heyman, a respected source from the New York Post, has given us insight into the Yankees’ intentions for the upcoming offseason. With a clear focus on returning to the playoffs, the Yankees are prepared to make substantial investments, reminiscent of their 2009 World Series-winning year. Heyman points out, “To that end, the most obvious free agent to pursue remains Cody Bellinger, in a market that lacks obvious offensive stars.”

This isn’t the first time Bellinger’s name has been connected to the Yankees, but recent developments suggest that these rumors are gaining traction. Heyman’s connections in New York lend credibility to this claim, aligning with the Yankees’ top brass convening to deliberate their future strategies and roster-building plans.

On the other hand, the Chicago Cubs have traditionally been hesitant about offering long-term contracts, similar to what Bellinger is likely to command. Whether they adhere to this organizational philosophy or break from tradition to keep this vital slugger remains to be seen, and it will only become clear once the offseason officially gets underway.

The Cubs are at a critical crossroads as they strive to rejuvenate their roster and make a return to playoff contention. Bellinger’s future, whether it’s with the Cubs or another team like the Yankees, is uncertain. Nevertheless, it’s evident that his impending free agency has generated substantial interest and intrigue in the baseball world. The 2023 MLB offseason promises to be an exhilarating and pivotal period for both Cody Bellinger and the Chicago Cubs.

As for who will grace the Yankees’ roster in the upcoming season, there’s an air of uncertainty. If the leadership remains hesitant, potential additions to the Yankees might not meet the high expectations of fans, potentially leading to a less-than-ideal outcome.

Despite recent remarks by Hal Steinbrenner, suggesting major personnel changes might not be imminent following the Yankees’ playoff absence, the offseason presents an opportunity for new faces to make their mark on the team. While the possibility of landing Shohei Ohtani remains an ambitious goal, the Yankees could find value in adding Cody Bellinger to their lineup or by exploring international acquisitions. The success of these endeavors hinges on their willingness to flex their financial muscle and prioritize talent acquisition over concerns related to the Competitive Balance Tax and its associated penalties.

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