Will Frankie Montas return to the Yankees? Manager drops clues


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Manager Aaron Boone has dropped hints about the potential return of New York Yankees pitcher Frankie Montas, who has been sidelined since February after undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery. This development was tweeted by Chris Kirschner.

A U-turn for Frankie Montas’ injury

Initially, it appeared that Frankie Montas would sit out the entire 2023 season due to surgery. Nevertheless, the 30-year-old has recently commenced his recovery process with the Yankees’ Triple-A partner. These rehabilitation starts indicate that he might be nearing a return to the Yankees sooner than previously thought.

In August 2022, the Yankees acquired Frankie Montas from the Oakland Athletics in a trade. In January, he inked a new one-year, $7,500,000 deal with the Yankees. The seasoned player is slated to become a free agent in the upcoming offseason.

Frankie Montas pitching for the Yankees against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium.
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

However, his shoulder issues have cast uncertainty on the anticipated outcomes. Whether the Yankees will see any returns on their investment this season remains uncertain.

Fans are holding their breath with cautious optimism as Frankie Montas prepares to rejoin the MLB. The Yankees’ management faces a pivotal decision regarding how they handle Montas’ return to the pitcher’s mound, as rushing him back could potentially exacerbate his surgical recovery, leading to a prolonged healing process.

In his most recent appearance, Frankie Montas exhibited signs of a resurgent form. This came during his second rehab outing with the Triple-A RailRiders, where he delivered 25 pitches, impressively landing 18 of them as strikes. Montas allowed just one hit and successfully struck out two batters.

While Frankie Montas’ return could theoretically bolster the team’s playoff aspirations, the reality may diverge from this optimism. Instead, the remaining games of the regular season may serve as an opportunity for him to regain his top-tier performance in the major leagues, with the season concluding on October 1.

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One thought on “Will Frankie Montas return to the Yankees? Manager drops clues

  1. “ While Frankie Montas’ return could theoretically bolster the team’s playoff aspirations…”

    Has the author of this article checked the standings lately? Yanks were eliminated a few days ago!

    Why should we give him the opportunity to showcase himself as a free agent. Tell Frankie to go home and thanks for nothing.

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