Yankees legend warns ‘rat’ Alex Rodriguez of getting bitten ‘in the ass tenfold’

Alex Rodriguez is with his daughter during a football game in Michigan at University of Michigan Stadium.
John Allen
Friday September 15, 2023

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Former Yankees pitcher David Wells is aware that Alex Rodriguez has a significant public relations challenge. His latest comment attests to the fact that A-Rod’s likability is quite low among former players, ex-teammates, and fans.

During Thursday’s episode of “Foul Territory,” Wells discovered that Alex Rodriguez had reportedly provided information about some of his fellow steroid users to federal authorities, as reported by ESPN. This revelation could further damage Alex Rodriguez’s popularity, causing it to plummet even more, akin to the drop of a Clay Holmes sinker.

David Wells slammed Alex Rodriguez

Wells expressed his disapproval of Alex Rodriguez, stating that such behavior is not favorable. He believed that it would have serious consequences, emphasizing that no one appreciates someone who betrays trust. He suggested that it’s better to deny any wrongdoing until one is caught, and only then admit to it.

In ESPN’s groundbreaking report on Wednesday, new information emerged regarding a meeting Alex Rodriguez had with federal investigators. During this meeting, Alex Rodriguez reportedly implicated at least three other players who were involved with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch in obtaining performance-enhancing drugs. These players were identified as Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun, and another unnamed All-Star player.

Alex Rodriguez, former player of the New York Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez, who works as a baseball analyst for both ESPN and FOX, chose not to comment on the story when approached by ESPN. The 14-time All-Star is also known for co-hosting the “KayRod Cast,” which serves as an alternate feed for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” games.

David Wells, recalling past events, noted that former MLB player Jose Canseco had also cooperated with authorities in a similar manner. Canseco had written books in 2005 and 2008 in which he named alleged steroid users, claiming that he had introduced Alex Rodriguez to a steroid supplier.

Wells mentioned that it’s rumored that Canseco resorted to name-dropping when he wasn’t receiving the recognition he desired. The former pitcher stated that he personally wouldn’t have cooperated with authorities, even though he strongly opposed the use of steroids.

Wells take on PED use in baseball

Wells expressed his opinion that while steroids can enhance performance, he wouldn’t have an issue with players who used them under a doctor’s supervision due to injuries. However, he acknowledged that some players who used steroids denied it, and he preferred not to accuse anyone but emphasized that he knows what he did in his career.

The recent revelations won’t improve Alex Rodriguez’s already unfavorable reputation with former players and teammates. He currently works alongside Hall of Famers Derek Jeter and David Ortiz as a FOX MLB analyst, and he has had strained relationships with both of them in the past. Ortiz made it clear he didn’t appreciate comparisons to A-Rod, emphasizing his Hall of Fame status as the key difference. Furthermore, Doug Mientkiewicz, who was Rodriguez’s teammate in high school and the majors, criticized him for steroid use, parenting, losing touch with his classmates, and more during a podcast discussion.

Alex Rodriguez with his girlfriend

Meanwhile, Wells, who attended Yankees Old Timers’ Day recently, defended general manager Brian Cashman as the Yankees endure their worst season in three decades. Wells suggested that if he were the GM, he would address the issue of underperforming players by sending them to Triple-A or Double-A as a wake-up call, regardless of their salary. He emphasized the importance of sending a strong message to motivate players to improve their performance.

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