Yankees lead the charge in Forbes’ 2023 MLB true-talent ranking

Gleyber Torres was greeted at the Yankees dugout by Giancarlo Stanton after his fourth-inning homer Wednesday night off Tigers pitcher Joey Wentz, his third in three games this week at Comerica Park.

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The New York Yankees, one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball, have always been a source of fascination for fans, analysts, and baseball aficionados. In the ever-evolving world of statistics and performance metrics, the Yankees have once again grabbed the spotlight, and this time, they lead the back half of the MLB True-Talent Team Rankings according to Forbes.

Forbes contributor Tony Blengino recently unveiled his annual batted ball-based year-end team true-talent rankings, using a methodology that takes into account various factors to determine how teams should have performed. Blengino’s methodology focuses on exit speed, launch angle, offensive and pitching ratings, and defensive performance, offering a unique perspective on each team’s true potential.

Where do the Yankees place in the MLB true talent ranking?

The Yankees, with an actual record of 82-80, were projected to finish with an identical record. This positioning puts them at 16th on the list, firmly in the back half of the rankings. The Yankees’ performance ratings indicate that they had an offensive rating of 100.3, ranking 14th, a pitching rating of 96.7, placing them at 12th, and a defensive rating of 102.6, which lands them at 22nd.

One interesting aspect that sets the 2023 Yankees apart is their excessive ground ball-pulling penalty. This unique penalty punishes a team’s offense rather than its defense for shortcomings in this area. The Yankees, in this case, were assessed this penalty, emphasizing the significance of this issue in their performance.

Looking at their performance metrics, it’s clear that the Yankees had several notable strengths and weaknesses during the 2023 season. On the offensive side, the Yankees had an advantage with a +1.2 mph average exit speed over their opponents, resulting in a +24 homer differential, indicating their ability to hit home runs. However, they no longer had the major advantages in strikeout (K) and walk (BB) differentials that previous Yankees teams had enjoyed.

The Yankees struggled with their ground ball-pulling tendency, leading to the excessive ground ball-pulling penalty. This issue might have impacted their overall rating. In the outfield, defensive problems were evident, with their 121.4 fly ball multiplier ranking as the second worst in the MLB.

Yankees’ 2023 MLB season

Despite these challenges, the Yankees maintained a .500 record, a testament to their resilience and the individual brilliance of players like Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole. The team’s performance serves as a reminder that even the most iconic franchises face challenges and adaptations in the ever-evolving world of baseball.

As the 2023 MLB season draws to a close, the Yankees are looking to address their weaknesses and build upon their strengths in preparation for the challenges of the seasons to come. Yankees fans will undoubtedly be watching closely, hoping for a return to the days of dominance and championship glory that the franchise is known for.

While the Yankees may not have achieved their usual level of success in 2023, their performance still offers valuable insights into the intricate world of baseball metrics and the ever-changing landscape of America’s pastime. As the offseason approaches and preparations for the next season get underway, the Yankees, and all MLB teams, will continue to use innovative approaches and methodologies to refine their true talent and strive for excellence on the diamond.

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