Carlos Rodon’s rough night unmasks his ugly side as Yankees lose to Orioles

Yankees' Carlos Rodon leaves the mound in Baltimore on May 2, 2024.

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In a disappointing game against the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, the Yankees suffered a 7-2 loss, with their offensive struggles compounded by starting pitcher Carlos Rodon‘s most horrible performance in pinstripes so far. The left-hander grappled with command problems during his four-inning stint, allowing seven runs, six of which were earned, at Camden Yards.

Although Carlos Rodon managed to navigate a bases-loaded situation in the second inning, the Orioles appeared undeterred. In the third inning, Ryan Mountcastle capitalized on a 1-0 slider, hitting a home run to even the score. The following inning proved even more troublesome for Carlos Rodon, as the Orioles pummeled him with two additional homers. Jorge Mateo connected on the first pitch, a 94-mph fastball, and Ryan McKenna followed suit, hitting a 1-1, 93-mph cutter deep into the stands.

In his post-game comments, Carlos Rodon acknowledged that he wasn’t at his best during the outing. While recognizing instances where his pitches found their intended targets, he also expressed disappointment in missed chances to execute more effectively. The Yankees pitcher singled out the slider thrown to Mountcastle as a pitch he would like to have back.

“Stuff was good, [some] pitches I’d like to have back,” he said, mentioning the slider to Mountcastle as one example. “They’re strong top to bottom. We hadn’t seen McKenna for three days, they threw him in the lineup and he had some good swings. Mateo hits one out as well. I just wasn’t good enough.”

Despite an impressive escape from a bases-loaded situation in the second inning, where he recorded strikeouts and induced a line out, Carlos Rodon’s difficulties with pitch location and vulnerability to home runs ultimately resulted in a disappointing performance for both himself and the Yankees.

Carlos Rodon commended the Orioles’ lineup for their impressive display of power while accepting the responsibility for the defeat, conceding that his performance did not meet the standards set for the important game.

Carlos Rodon’s fall of the ball


Carlos Rodon, who entered Thursday’s game against the Orioles with an impressive 2.48 ERA, experienced his most challenging outing of the year, playing a significant role in the Yankees’ 7-2 loss.

Known for his four-pitch arsenal, Carlos Rodon deviated from his usual approach and relied primarily on his fastball and slider against Baltimore. This strategic shift proved to be ineffective and contributed to his ERA increasing to 3.68.

The game marked a notable departure from Carlos Rodon’s two previous starts, which were among his best performances of the season. In those outings, he had allowed only three hits and one run across 13 innings.

Facing the Orioles, however, Carlos Rodon struggled to replicate his earlier success. He allowed a substantial seven runs (six earned) on eight hits, including multiple hard-hit line drives and two hit batters, all within just over four innings. Although he recorded six strikeouts, his failure to minimize hard contact proved detrimental.

Carlos Rodon surrendered three solo home runs before a disastrous fifth inning in which he failed to record an out. This led to his removal from the game and allowed the Orioles to increase their lead to 7-2.

Accepting responsibility for the loss, Carlos Rodon acknowledged the Orioles’ strong offensive performance but stressed the importance of improved execution. “Good hitting team,” he conceded, “but got to be better with where I’m throwing the ball and try to limit the long ball and get out sooner.” Visibly frustrated, he bluntly concluded, “It sucks.”

Carlos Rodon takes the blame for Yankees’ loss


In the aftermath of the game, Carlos Rodon took ownership of his subpar performance, admitting that it was his most disappointing outing of the year. Rodon’s difficulties on the mound played a significant role in the Yankees‘ loss.

Known for his diverse pitch selection, Carlos Rodon deviated from his usual approach and relied primarily on his fastball and slider against the Orioles. This strategic choice proved costly, as he surrendered three pivotal home runs: a slider below the strike zone to Ryan Mountcastle, a first-pitch fastball down the middle to Jorge Mateo, and a cutter near the heart of the plate to Ryan McKenna.

The Yankee praised the Orioles’ offensive strategy, emphasizing their patience at the plate and their ability to take advantage of his missteps. He expressed disappointment in his failure to induce more swings and misses, recognizing that his performance did not meet the standards he set for himself.

The defeat in Baltimore was especially disheartening for the Yankees, as it cost them an opportunity to reclaim the division lead. They now find themselves one game behind the Orioles in the standings. Their next challenge comes in the form of a weekend series against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium.

With this disappointing outing, Carlos Rodon’s ERA has increased to 3.68. He maintains a 1.28 WHIP (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched) and a 36:14 strikeout-to-walk ratio across his seven starts. After his worst outing of the season yet, Carlos Rodon aims to rebound in his upcoming matchup against the Houston Astros next week.

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