Yankees fans still wary despite Marcus Stroman’s Twitter cleanup

The Yankees signed Marcus Stroman on January 11, 2024, for two years.

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The Yankees desperate for a strong arm finally signed Marcus Stroman, renowned for his passionate demeanor on the field. Both baseball fans and analysts are anxious to witness how this homecoming will unfold.

Reports indicate that the Yankees have secured a two-year deal with Marcus Stroman, with a potential third year hinging on innings pitched, as per various sources. This strategic move positions him alongside pitching stalwarts such as Gerrit Cole, Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes, and Clarke Schmidt, forming a potentially dominant starting five.

Yankees sign Marcus Stroman

Yankees 2024 rotation will have Marcus Stroman, Gerrit Cole, and Carlos Rodon

The reported value of the contract stands at $37 million over two years, with the possibility of reaching $55 million, contingent on the mentioned option. Marcus Stroman himself took to Instagram to express his excitement about the signing, sharing a childhood photo donning a Yankees sweatshirt alongside a cleverly photoshopped image of himself in the iconic pinstripes, accompanied by the emphatic statement: “I’m a New York Yankee!”

While earlier reports suggested the Yankees were pursuing free-agent left-hander Blake Snell, the agreement with Marcus Stroman indicates the outcome of that pursuit. Additionally, the team has successfully brought back right-hander Luke Weaver, who left a positive impression during a late-season stint with the Yankees in 2023. Weaver’s one-year deal incorporates a club option for 2024, potentially elevating the total value to $8.25 million.

Return to New York amid skepticism

Marcus Stroman, the Long Island native and self-proclaimed “Fireman,” is making a comeback to New York, this time adorned in the iconic pinstripes. This move adds a top talent and experience to the Yankees rotation, but also rekindles concerns surrounding the controversial figure’s potential impact on the team’s culture and championship aspirations.

Yankees bolster roster, sign right-hander Marcus Stroman to a two-year, $37M deal, adding depth to their pitching rotation.

Coming off a tumultuous season, the Yankees seek stability and unity. While Marcus Stroman’s passion and leadership are undeniable, his past online outbursts and confrontations with rival teams, including the Yankees themselves, raise anxieties about potential distractions. Integrating such a polarizing personality into the tightly-knit clubhouse will be a delicate dance for manager Aaron Boone and the front office.

On the diamond, however, Marcus Stroman’s talent shines. Boasting a 3.73 ERA and over 230 strikeouts in his last two seasons, he provides immediate depth and experience to the rotation, potentially complementing Gerrit Cole and the young guns like Nestor Cortes and Clarke Schmidt. His return also ignites personal excitement, with Stroman calling Yankee Stadium his “perfect fit.” Notably, he deleted old tweets and emphasized his commitment to contributing positively to the team’s culture.

In 2021, Marcus Stroman expressed in a New York Post interview that, aside from Cole, no current Yankees pitcher would be in his league for the next 5-7 years. Following his departure from the Mets as a free agent in 2021, where he signed with the Cubs, he openly criticized former Mets manager Billy Eppler, who eventually resigned.

In a now-deleted tweet from February 2022, Marcus Stroman disparaged the Mets’ choice of a new GM, highlighting what he perceived as a lack of awareness. During a game against the Mets, he left the mound, pounded his chest, and yelled into the visitor’s dugout, prompting anonymous criticism from a Mets player.

Marcus Stroman’s online behavior with the Mets caused controversies, including disputes with reporters and liking a tweet containing an offensive term for another reporter. He claimed to face racial slurs and death threats while with the Mets, asserting that the front office turned a blind eye.

His time with the Blue Jays involved allegations of kicking minor leaguers out of a weight room, which he denied. After being traded to the Mets in 2019, he mocked the Toronto front office for not extending his contract.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman is reportedly interested to join the Yankees in 2024.
Eve Edelheit-Wall Street Journal

Selected in the first round in 2012 from Duke, Marcus Stroman faced a 50-game suspension in the minor leagues for testing positive for a banned substance, citing it as an “honest mistake.”

In 2019, he proudly proclaimed to the Toronto Sun that Marcus Stroman was destined to pitch for the Yankees, expressing confidence in handling the pressure of Yankee Stadium.

Yankees fans react

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