Yankees nation up against radio host for dubious Juan Soto claim

Star Yankees slugger Juan Soto and WFAN host Sal Licata
Sara Molnick
Friday December 15, 2023

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Despite Juan Soto hinting at the possibility of his Yankees contract extension in 2024, WFAN host and Mets enthusiast Sal Licata contends that the power hitter will depart the Bronx after just one year. He even did a made-up storyline that came under attack from the Yankees fanbase.

Juan Soto’s responses to questions regarding his future with the team, marked by a conspicuous absence of commitment, prompted Licata to speculate on the three-time All-Star’s potential reluctance towards a prolonged stay in the Bronx beyond 2024. As the host of the station’s midday show, Licata contemplates the notion that Juan Soto may be contemplating a future playing for the Mets in Queens.

Licata claims Juan Soto will dump Yankees for Mets

Licata, as noted by Audacy, put forward the idea that Juan Soto’s previous experience with the Mets and the National League East during his tenure with the Nationals could potentially impact his inclination. Licata conveyed a sense that Soto might harbor a legitimate interest in joining the Mets.

Yankees' Juan Soto is shopping at a New York store.

Licata acknowledged that this idea might appear unconventional, given the rich histories and prestige of both franchises. However, there wasn’t a clear indication of Juan Soto strongly favoring the Yankees in his assessment. Licata underscored that Soto’s potential move didn’t come across as a desperate decision, highlighting the influence of Cohen and the substantial financial considerations in the decision-making process. To support his viewpoint, Licata pointed to a video shared by MLB on X (formerly Twitter) on December 7, where Juan Soto is observed seeking Yankees legend Derek Jeter‘s autograph, further contributing to Licata’s argument.

At first glance, the video seems to be a simple promotion for the MLB Store, but upon closer inspection akin to scrutinizing the Zapruder film, it unveils a surprising revelation as Juan Soto is caught casting his gaze toward a Mets jersey, prompting a gasp-inducing moment.

Sal observed in the video that Juan Soto’s initial action was to approach the Mets jersey and inspect it carefully. Based on this, Sal inferred that Soto might have a desire to join the Mets.

Licata could present a more persuasive case by focusing on Juan Soto’s achievements at Citi Field instead of formulating a hypothesis grounded in a seemingly trivial video.

Yankees fans fire back

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