Yankees fans react to Luis Severino bobble head doll giveaway

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In the wake of Luis Severino‘s deeply disappointing outing during the Yankees’ defeat against the Orioles, the Talkin Yanks opted for a sarcastic approach. They took to their social media channels and shared an image featuring a bobblehead doll of Severino.

The post triggered a range of reactions among fans. Numerous individuals found the concept highly entertaining and eagerly expressed their amusement in the comments, labeling it as downright hilarious.

For these fans, the incorporation of irony in the image served as a lighter means of dealing with the frustration stemming from Severino’s woeful performance.

Nevertheless, not all fans took the jest in good spirits. This segment of supporters clearly exhibited their displeasure towards Luis Severino‘s recent string of lackluster performances as a starting pitcher. This slump had persisted for the past seven games, intensifying the existing frustration and reigniting the ire directed at the player.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees fans react to Luis Severino bobble head doll giveaway

  1. I don’t blame Severino, I blame the Yankee’s brass for putting him out there before they were certain he was absolutely ready to compete again at the major league level. The pros who are paid to observe and then decide whether he was capable of getting out major league players let down his teammates and their loyal fans in bringing him back well before they were positive this guy had the stuff and control to help this team. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that Luis Severino is not a major league pitcher, at least not at the present time.

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