Luis Severino’s poor performance against Orioles sparks crisis for Yankees

Luis Severino head the dugout after he was removed in the first inning.

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After the embarrassing and painful defeat of the New York Yankees against the Baltimore Orioles, Luis Severino found himself at the center of discussions on television, the internet, and even post-game interviews.

Following the game, Severino was interviewed by the Yes Network, where he openly expressed his concern about his recent performances. In his last seven starts, he allowed an alarming 37 runs. The pitcher acknowledged that these struggles were taking a toll on his confidence. He admitted that while physically fit, he never imagined performing so poorly and felt dissatisfied with his recent pitching.

“I can’t pinpoint anything specific right now. I’ll review my past videos to identify the issues. I’ll also discuss with my teammates, including the hitters, to gain their perspective. I need to understand what I’m doing wrong.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Boone gave an interview expressing his astonishment at the Yankees’ overall performance, specifically addressing Severino’s struggles. He emphasized the need to analyze Severino’s delivery, deception thoroughly, and all other aspects to help him regain his form.

“We need to thoroughly examine everything, from his delivery to deception, and all those elements,” Boone stated.

Boone reaffirmed no physical concerns with Severino, attributing his struggles to execution errors. The team was committed to investigating and addressing Severino’s performance decline.

Speaking to SYN, Matt Blake, pitching coach for the New York Yankees, shared his concerns about Severino’s recent poor performances, saying, “It’s highly concerning whenever one of our pitchers allows that many hits. It’s something we need to thoroughly address.”

Adding to Severino’s worries, Carlos Rodon, one of the Yankees’ top pitchers, was set to return to the lineup on Friday. Aaron Boone confirmed Rodon’s upcoming appearance on Friday night against the Chicago Cubs, further intensifying the challenging situation for Severino.

Fans express disappointment in Luis Severino’s performance for the Yankees

Luis Severino's subpar performance against the Orioles has raised concerns and triggered a potential crisis within the Yankees. The pitcher's struggles have sent shockwaves through the team, leaving them to grapple with the repercussions of his underwhelming outing.
The New York Times

Disappointed fans took to social media after the defeat, expressing their desire for Luis Severino to leave the Yankees and seek opportunities elsewhere. Some comments suggested that Carlos Rodon’s return could threaten Severino’s position on the team, urging him to reflect on his poor performances.

While some may exaggerate, it cannot be denied that Luis Severino’s name once again dominated the headlines for the wrong reasons. Time is running out for him to rediscover his form before it becomes too late.

It’s worth noting that Luis Severino had missed the first seven weeks of the 2023 season due to a lat strain, effectively sidelining him for the entire year. The New York Yankees had high hopes for a healthy Severino, expecting him to form a formidable rotation alongside ace Gerrit Cole, and Carlos Rodon.

Luis Severino missed the first seven weeks of the 2023 season due to a lat strain, though he's essentially been missing all year.
Corey Spikin

However, Severino’s struggles continued during Thursday night’s game at Yankee Stadium, where he was knocked out during the Baltimore Orioles’ seven-run third inning.

In a disappointing performance, Severino conceded seven runs on ten hits and a walk in just 2.2 innings, resulting in a resounding 14-1 victory for the Orioles.

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  1. Either bullpen or he needs to get sent to Triple A. His pitching cost to the Yankees a game vs. a team playing way above its skis.

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