Yankees fans press to shut down Aaron Judge, call up Austin Wells

Yankees star Aaron Judge and prospect Austin Wells

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The Yankees are on a roller coaster and their chance to win a playoff berth is in the red zone. Fans want the team to shut down Aaron Judge and replace him with Austin Wells, according to a poll conducted by MSN.

According to the poll, Yankees fans want the team to look to the 2024 season. As Aaron Judge is playing with an injured toe, they seem to be concerned about him. There is increasing support for promoting Austin Wells, as he performs exceptionally well in Triple-A. Although Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza have faced challenges, it’s expected for rookies in their early MLB exposure. Wells might make immediate batting contributions, which is something Yankees fans appreciate, and gain experience.

Fans want the Yankees to shut down Aaron Judge

Since the team’s chances of making the playoffs are extremely low, the focus shifts from winning games to making decisions about the players. The Yankees face a difficult situation with Aaron Judge. Despite the team’s overall performance, the truth is that Aaron Judge is not 100% hit and is currently playing with a compromised toe in the first year of a profitable nine-year contract. Foot injuries and large athletes have been a common story, as seen with Yao Ming and other tall players in different sports.

Despite hitting three home runs in a game, Aaron Judge plays with a compromised toe for the Yankees exposing himself to various potential problems over the next ten years. Considering this risk, it doesn’t make much sense for the team to let him play through injuries in September. Because of this, a significant majority of Yankees fans voted to have the current American League MVP take a break from playing.

However, there is fear that some in the Yankees organization may be pressing to continue playing Aaron Judge. With both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone facing heat, they must be motivated to keep the star slugger in the lineup to reach a respectable position and defend their job.

Aaron Judge is seen during the game vs. the Rays on July 31, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

If Aaron Judge has a say in the matter, he’ll probably choose to continue playing as well. Cashman is known for his adaptability and practicality, and these conversations are probably occurring privately right now. Regardless of any behind-the-scenes drama similar to what’s seen on the show “Succession,” fans have made their opinions known in a clear and strong manner.

Yankees fans on youngsters

Surprisingly, Oswald Peraza, who might be the most promising prospect among them, according to evaluations in the minor leagues, only received 12 percent of the vote. The Yankees brought him up to the majors in 2022 at a somewhat awkward time due to injuries. They placed him as a shortstop during the ALCS against the Astros, which wasn’t an easy introduction to MLB. Despite the tough situation, he handled it well and showed a good performance. This year, he’s had more than a hundred at-bats but hasn’t found his rhythm yet. This might make him less of a standout newcomer to watch.


The catchers on the Yankees team have provided very little offensive contribution this year. Fans are naturally frustrated by the lack of effectiveness from the last batter in the lineup and are hoping for a catcher who can make a difference with the bat. Austin Wells is primarily known for his hitting ability, but not much else. Having a catcher who is focused on batting can be exciting, but it can also be extremely frustrating, as we witnessed with a specific young Yankees player in the past.

Estevan Florial often goes unnoticed in this situation. While his potential as a prospect has lost some attention, his performance in Triple-A has been impressively strong (though his high strikeout rate is a concern). Even though September might not have much significance for the team, his promotion should still be thought about, even if he becomes a free agent in the minor leagues at the end of the year. However, when September arrives and Aaron Judge is still playing, there will only be one more spot available on the roster since the other one will go to a pitcher. Most fans seem to prefer seeing Wells in that spot.

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