Yankees fans divided on how to handle Carlos Rodon’s struggles

Carlos Rodon, player of the new york yankees
Amanda Paula
Wednesday March 6, 2024

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Yankees fans are becoming increasingly frustrated as Carlos Rodon faces a turbulent start in his second preseason game. The anticipation surrounding Rodon’s arrival last season as a prominent signing for the New York Yankees has soured with his unimpressive performance so far, signaling potential issues for the upcoming season.

Carlos Rodon’s preseason struggles

Carlos Rodon, player of the new york yankees

Carlos Rodon’s numbers were 3+IP, 5H, 2HR, 3ER, 1BB, and 1K, figures considered lackluster even for the most optimistic Yankees fans.

In his first appearance, Carlos Rodon showed flashes of promise, but an untimely home run tarnished an otherwise immaculate performance. However, subsequent developments only added to fans’ apprehension. A 50-pitch live batting practice session resulted in four home runs surrendered to minor league players, a discouraging indicator of Carlos Rodon’s difficulties.

Returning to official preseason action against the Tampa Bay Rays, Carlos Rodon’s woes persisted as he gave up a home run on the first pitch, raising concerns about his velocity and overall form. Despite initial reports suggesting a robust fastball, Rod贸n’s pitches failed to impress, leaving fans disenchanted and questioning the handling of his preseason preparations.

Carlos Rodon experiments with pitch mix in spring tuneup

Carlos Rodon, player of the new york yankees during an interview with YES Network
Yes Network

Following the exhibition game, pitcher Carlos Rodon spoke to the MLB expert, Bryan Hoch, providing insights into his outing on the mound.

“Well the results weren’t everything I wanted,” Carlos Rodon admitted, “But mixed in a good amount of pitches. I think we worked in some change up some cutters to some curveballs and a lot of heavy dosage of sliders.” Carlos Rodon acknowledged that he had to rely less on his fastball and mix in other pitches from his repertoire, welcoming the opportunity to work on that aspect of his game.

Despite the meaningless nature of the Spring Training contest, Carlos Rodon embraced the chance to experiment without consequence as he prepares for the regular season. “You know it was good to see some some swing and miss on the cutter and some weak ground balls on the cutter,” he remarked. “The fastball wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be, but that’s a part of these spring training games.” The lack of stakes allowed him to tinker with his arsenal, a valuable exercise before the games begin to count.

Carlos Rodon’s spring woes fuel fan frustration

Frustration among loyal Yankees supporters was palpable as Carlos Rodon’s struggles unfolded against the Rays. With two more home runs surrendered over three innings, his preseason ERA soared to 6.35, prompting heated reactions from fans expecting a redeeming performance.

Recognizing Carlos Rodon’s 2023 season, marred by injuries and a concerning 6.85 ERA, supporters remain cautiously optimistic about his potential. However, his unimpressive preseason performance has raised doubts about his readiness for the upcoming campaign, fueling speculation about his future with the team.

Fueling doubts and speculation

Immediate reactions on social media reflect the prevailing sentiment, with fans expressing dismay at Carlos Rodon‘s difficulties and questioning the hefty investment made by the Yankees. From calls for changes in management to bleak predictions about Carlos Rodon’s legacy, discourse surrounding his performance highlights the high stakes involved.

Despite persistent concerns about injuries and lingering doubts about his velocity, Carlos Rodon’s ability to navigate adversity remains a key focus for both fans and management. While some advocate for patience and reserve judgment until the regular season unfolds, others argue that Rodon’s unimpressive preseason form demands immediate action.

As scrutiny intensifies, Carlos Rodon faces mounting pressure to meet the expectations set by his signing. With each appearance, he must confront doubts about his durability and effectiveness, striving to prove his detractors wrong and justify the organization’s trust in him.

Amidst uncertainty, one thing remains clear: Carlos Rodon’s journey with the New York Yankees is at a critical juncture, with the outcome depending on his ability to overcome adversity and rediscover his form in the face of growing skepticism. Until then, Yankees fans eagerly await signs of a turnaround, hoping Carlos Rodon can silence his critics and reclaim his place as a reliable asset for the team.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees fans divided on how to handle Carlos Rodon’s struggles

  1. I don’t think. It’s preseason, I’ll give him through the end of April before I worry. The guy I am concerned with at this point is Stanton. I hope they have the conviction to cut him if he continues to hit under .200 with less than a .300 obp, I really don’t care about the home runs, hes one of the easiest outs in baseball aside from the occasional short hot streak that happens once or twice a year. I’d like to see Dominguez take his roster spot once he’s ready to come back.

    1. I agree , Stanton is very lazy in his hitting approach, he doesn鈥檛 even step in the
      Bucket, he鈥檚 all arm on swing. He was overrated and an unfortunate mistake. The baby bombers should all be traded except Volpe. The also should have never held on to Boone, he had no
      Experience and screws around with the line up

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