Yankees contingent for 2024 Hall of Fame includes Pettitte, A-Rod

Eight former Yankees are in race for the 2024 Hall of Fame class.

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Eight former Yankees greats are named for the ballot to select the 2024 Hall of Fame class. The most prominent pinstriped names on the list include pitching maestro Andy Pettitte and enigmatic slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Bobby Abreu, Carlos Beltran, Bartolo Colon, Matt Holliday, Andruw Jones, and Gary Sheffield are the other six former Yankees seeking a place in Cooperstown. The results for the BBWAA ballot are scheduled to be unveiled on January 23rd in a special live broadcast on MLB Network. The outcome of the veterans’ vote will be disclosed during December’s Winter Meetings.

The notable presence of Andy Pettitte on the list adds a beloved touch for Yankees fans. In his fifth year on the ballot last year, Pettitte garnered 17 percent. While the statistical odds of him getting in within the next five years might be against him, his consistent rise in support in recent years is evident.


Alex Rodriguez remains a divisive player for Yankees fans

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees

From a statistical standpoint, A-Rod’s credentials are unquestionable, yet his case is undeniably more intricate. Following his debut with 34.3 percent in 2022, he experienced a marginal increase of one percentage point last year. Given his association with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), there will likely persist a segment of voters who will steadfastly refrain from supporting him. While this dynamic may not significantly impact his candidacy this year, the unfolding years are expected to introduce intriguing developments in his Hall of Fame case.

The first for Colon and Holliday, final for Sheffield

This marks the initial appearance on the ballot for Colon and Holliday, both having concluded their last seasons in 2018. However, it seems improbable that either of them has a compelling case for induction, especially in their first year of eligibility. Despite this, there is a possibility that neither of them will fall off the ballot after the initial year.

On the other hand, this year signifies Gary Sheffield’s final opportunity on the ballot. In the previous year, he secured 55 percent of the vote, showcasing a gradual increase from his initial 11.7 percent in 2014. Achieving a 20-percent surge appears challenging for induction, particularly for someone whom writers have often been hesitant to support. Nonetheless, Larry Walker’s success in 2020 may provide some precedent for such an ascent.

Beltran and Jones are the best in the Yankees contingent

Among the former Yankees, Beltran and Jones appear to have the best chances of induction this year. Beltrán made his debut on the ballot last year, securing an initial 46.5 percent. While a significant jump in one year may be challenging, the promising debut percentage suggests favorable prospects for the future. It’s plausible that some writers imposed a one-year penalty on Beltrán due to his involvement in the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. As for Jones, he experienced a 17 percent surge in his sixth year on the ballot, achieving 58.1 percent last year compared to 41.4 percent in 2022. Although this year might pose a challenge, his status as one of the greatest defensive center fielders suggests the likelihood of further increases in 2023. Notably, there has been a growing campaign around Bobby Abreu in recent years, with a notable jump to 15.4 percent in the previous year.

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