Yankees’ captain Aaron Judge ejected for first time after arguing strike call

Aaron Judge was ejected during the Yankees' 5-3 win against the Detroit Tigers on May 4, 2024.

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During the New York Yankees’ 5-3 win over the Detroit Tigers, Aaron Judge encountered a rare event in his illustrious career on Saturday. Following a day marked by two solid hits, Judge found himself unexpectedly ejected from the game, marking the first instance of such an occurrence in his tenure with the Yankees.

What happened?

Aaron Judge was ejected during the Yankees' 5-3 win against the Detroit Tigers on May 4, 2024.

The pivotal moment unfolded in the bottom of the seventh inning, when Aaron Judge was called out on strikes, much to his evident dissatisfaction. Walking back to the dugout, he couldn’t contain his discontent, leading to a swift ejection by home plate umpire Ryan Blakney, presumably triggered by a choice utterance from Judge. Undeterred, Judge returned to engage in a measured exchange with Blakney, determined to make his stance known.

Manager Aaron Boone swiftly intervened, stepping out of the dugout to support Aaron Judge and occasionally restraining him during the heated exchange with Blakney. This confrontation, however, marked a departure from Judge’s usual demeanor. He seldom exhibits frustration towards umpires despite frequently facing contentious strike calls, such as the 3-2 fastball that led to his ejection, seemingly grazing the outside edge of the strike zone.

Judge’s ejection was an unprecedented event in his baseball career. Throughout his time at Linden High and even in Little League, he never faced such a consequence. However, as he walked away from home-plate umpire Ryan Blakney, just eight words were enough to get him tossed.

Aaron Judge was ejected on Saturday. Aaron Judge was ejected on Saturday.

Based on the audio captured by on-field microphones, Aaron Judge expressed his frustration, stating, “No, that’s nonsense. You’ve been playing games all game.”

Despite Judge facing away from Blakney, the umpire decided to eject him based on his words. Judge was caught off guard when he noticed he had been thrown out, as the Yankee Stadium crowd passionately protested in his favor.

Blakney approached Aaron Judge, asserting, “You’re not going to accuse me of deceiving all game,” as reported by the audio from YES Network.

Aaron Judge’s performance earlier in the game had been characteristic of his skill, with two notable hits including a single and an RBI double, contributing significantly to the Yankees’ efforts. Despite the unfortunate turn of events leading to his ejection, Judge’s impact on the game remained undeniable, reflecting his unwavering commitment to excellence on the field.

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