Cashman: Yankees used Sox leverage to press Padres on Soto, narrowly missed Yamamoto


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Addressing their long-standing need for left-handed outfield production, the New York Yankees wasted no time during the offseason, pulling off a pair of impactful trades at the Winter Meetings.

In a blockbuster move, they acquired superstar Juan Soto and defensive whiz Trent Grisham from the San Diego Padres. Joining the Bronx Bombers in exchange for a five-player package, including top pitching prospect Drew Thorpe and starting pitcher Michael King, Soto brings his immense hitting prowess and undeniable star power.

Before securing their two prized left-handed outfielders, the Yankees engaged in a strategic gambit during the Winter Meetings. Their initial plan wasn’t a clear-cut pursuit of both Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo; instead, they aimed to leverage negotiations with both the Padres and Red Sox to their advantage.

The Yankees acquired Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo through trades in December, 2023.

By simultaneously exploring deals with both teams, the Yankees hoped to use each conversation as bargaining leverage. Their goal: potentially lowering the asking price for either Soto or Verdugo, depending on which deal offered the most favorable terms.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman elaborated on this process during an interview with ‘Talkin’ Yanks’ on Thursday. He admitted that there were extensive conversations with San Diego, noting that initially, they hadn’t contemplated acquiring both Soto and Grisham. However, as discussions progressed, the idea of acquiring both players emerged. Grisham emerged as a sensible choice for the team. Concurrently, they were engaged in discussions with the Red Sox, leveraging those discussions in their talks with the Padres.

The Yankees conveyed to both parties the possibility of exploring alternative options. Eventually, the idea of pursuing both players simultaneously became viable. Observing the trajectory of the discussions, they decided to acquire Verdugo first and then reassess their options. Subsequently, they pursued Soto, along with Grisham. Cashman expressed confidence that this approach would yield significant benefits for the team.

The revamped Yankees outfield promises dynamic offense and defensive prowess. Superstar Juan Soto lands in the right field, bringing his feared bat but requiring strategic positioning due to limitations on defense. Alex Verdugo takes over the vast left field, offering solid offense and reliable glovework. Rounding out the trio, Trent Grisham shines as the defensive gem in center and a valuable offensive weapon off the bench. Each newcomer brings distinct strengths, forming a versatile outfield unit poised to make a significant impact on the Yankees’ season.

Cashman admits Yankees narrowly missed Yamamoto

The New York Yankees’ offseason, already marked by key acquisitions, could have been even more impactful. While they successfully bolstered their outfield and pitching staff, they narrowly missed out on another ace: Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The Yankees were reportedly serious contenders for the former Orix Buffaloes star, even presenting him with a significant offer. However, in a surprising twist, Yamamoto ultimately chose to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, leaving them empty-handed.

This near-miss highlights the Yankees’ aggressive off-season approach and their desire to compete at the highest level. While they ultimately fell short in securing Yamamoto, their other moves demonstrate a clear commitment to building a championship contender.

The Yankees acquired Juan Soto and Marcus Stroman in Dec 2023 and Jan 2024 respectively.

However, it’s not as if the Yankees were distant from securing the deal. According to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, the team was in contention for the young star’s signature, finishing as runners-up in the negotiations, as he indicated during an appearance on the “Talkin’ Yanks” podcast.

Cashman expressed confidence that the team had exhaustively pursued their efforts. He acknowledged that the decision ultimately boiled down to a challenging choice between the Yankees and the Dodgers. Despite their meticulous approach, he conceded that certain factors, such as geographical considerations like the California West Coast, were beyond their control.

Following their addition of two-time All-Star Marcus Stroman, the New York Yankees haven’t shut down the starting pitching carousel. Their quest for rotation depth continues, with rumors swirling around potential acquisitions of prominent arms like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery.

Despite bringing in Stroman, the Yankees acknowledge the need for further bolsters in their pitching staff. Their interest in both Snell and Montgomery, two talented pitchers still seeking new homes, hints at their active pursuit of a stronger rotation. Whether a deal materializes for either pitcher remains to be seen, but one thing’s clear: the Yankees haven’t finished making moves.

The Yankees narrowly missed out on a potential game-changer in Yoshinobu Yamamoto. They were reportedly frontrunners for his signature, but ultimately the talented pitcher opted for the Los Angeles Dodgers. While the Yankees are already in a strong position heading into the season, securing Yamamoto would have undoubtedly bolstered their pitching staff and sent a clear message of championship aspirations.

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2 thoughts on “Cashman: Yankees used Sox leverage to press Padres on Soto, narrowly missed Yamamoto

  1. Can you believe what Cashman says? Well, at least I no longer take it at face value as he tells us, the public, what he thinks we should hear. Too many times he wants us to believe something that would make us idiots.

  2. AlanFromQueens: Thank you for joining the chorus that sees through Brainless Brian’s cow chips.

    When he said the 2023 Yankees, with their 82-80 record, were “pretty f**king good,” he showed how little respect he has for the intelligence of Yankee fans.

    Brainless Brian was basically saying: “Don’t believe your Lying Eyes, Yankee Fans! Listen to Brian ‘God Almighty’ Cashman, because you mere mortals can’t begin to comprehend My Genius!”

    Every time Cashman speaks, I think of the sage words of that Great Philosopher of Yore, Bugs Bunny:


    For your own sanity, I recommend Googling “ What a maroon” & keep one of the listed videos of Bugs saying the above, and then play it whenever Cashman speaks. It’ll make listening to his stupidity & arrogance more palpable.

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