Yankees announce HOPE Week 2024 schedule: Following Sarah Lang’s legacy, who will be honored this year?

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This Tuesday, the New York Yankees revealed the upcoming return of HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) for the 15th edition in 2024. Amidst the anticipation surrounding this event, a poignant moment from last year’s HOPE Week, where MLB journalist Sarah Lang was honored, remains etched in memory.

Remember when the Yankees honored the MLB Journalist Sarah Lang in HOPE Week

During the previous year’s HOPE Week, esteemed New York Yankees figures Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and Aaron Boone graced the set of the ‘Today Show’ to discuss the team’s impactful ‘HOPE Week’ initiative. A significant highlight occurred during the July 4th game against the Baltimore Orioles when the Yankees extended a warm welcome to ten extraordinary women impacted by ALS, including Sarah Langs from MLB.com.

Aaron Boone, who shares a professional history with Langs from their tenure at ESPN, expressed the emotional resonance of Langs’ presence at Yankee Stadium, stating, “It’s going to be emotional…ALS, unfortunately, we don’t have a cure for. And those who have been touched by that disease, it’s awful. One of ours in the baseball community, Sarah Langs, is going to be one of those people that we get to honor…”

Langs, a reporter and producer at Major League Baseball Advanced Media, bravely disclosed her diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in October of the previous year. Despite the challenges she faces, Langs remains an inspiration, unwavering in her love for baseball and her dedication to her work.

The ceremony at the stadium saw Langs being honored alongside six other women affected by ALS, coinciding with the 84th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s iconic speech. Langs’ reflection on the overwhelming support she received spoke volumes: “I don’t think I’ve processed any of this…But, I mean, I love baseball so much. I’m so grateful for it. It’s the one thing in my life that absolutely will not change at all.”

The event was filled with poignant moments, such as Langs trying on Lou Gehrig’s cap, symbolizing resilience and unity within the baseball community. Throughout the ceremony, Langs’ unwavering spirit and passion for baseball resonated deeply, leaving an indelible mark on all in attendance.

How does the HOPE Week work?

HOPE Week is more than just honoring heroes like Langs. It’s a week-long celebration of amazing people in the Yankees‘ community! Throughout the week, the Yankees shine a light on inspiring individuals, families, and organizations who deserve our support. It all leads up to a special visit to Yankee Stadium on game day. HOPE Week isn’t just about baseball – it’s about building connections and making a positive difference.

While we don’t know yet if another baseball legend will be honored, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that happened.

As HOPE Week continues to inspire acts of goodwill and unity, the Yankees remain steadfast in uplifting and supporting those who persevere and excel, both on and off the field. Through initiatives like HOPE Week, the Yankees aim to spread hope and encouragement, demonstrating that together, we can make a difference.

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