Yankee star Juan Soto gushes over his photo on Topps 2024 Series 2 cards

Yankees' Juan Soto is hitting his first homer at Yankee Stadium vs. the Marlins on April 8, 2024, and his cover athlete image on Topps Series 2.
John Allen
Tuesday May 14, 2024

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The energy and performance of Yankees slugger Juan Soto have made him a big celebrity in the sports world. After his move to the Big Apple of baseball on December 6, the Dominical is on cloud nine. His latest featured image on Topps 2024 Series 2 baseball cards is a testament to his talent and popularity.

Before his trade from the San Diego Padres to the New York Yankees, Juan Soto captured the attention of many, including Topps, which signed a deal with him. As the outfielder has found an incredible form both with his bat and glovework, Topps has come out with him as the cover player for their 2024 Series 2 baseball cards. This honor means that Juan Soto will not only grace the box but also be featured on the wrapper of each individual card pack within the box.

Juan Soto has been announced as the cover athlete for @Topps Series 2

Juan Soto ecstatic over his image on Topps 2024 Series 2 cards

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Juan Soto expressed his excitement and gratitude for being chosen as the cover player. He described the moment captured in the cover photo as thrilling, possibly after a significant hit, with the stadium lights illuminating him. Eager to see his cards in Series 2, the Yankees star is particularly enthusiastic about signing them, along with any other Soto cards that fans bring to him.

“It was incredible, you know,” he told. “It’s an honor, and the picture they have on it is a real exciting moment, I think just after a big hit with all the lights in the stadium on me.”

The Yankees slugger shared his enjoyment in signing cards, recognizing the importance they hold for the children who present them to him, as evidenced by the expressions on their faces. While Juan Soto has undoubtedly discovered their favorite places to eat and get a fresh haircut since moving to the city, he revealed to Yahoo Sports that his current favorite place is Yankee Stadium, where the fans have warmly embraced him. This connection with the fans and the city has made his transition to the Yankees all the more special.

“I like signing the cards,” he said. “They really mean something to the kids who are giving them to me. You can see it in their faces.”

Yankees right fielder Juan Soto’s adoration for his home field, Yankee Stadium, is fueled by the passionate fans who create an electrifying atmosphere. He relishes the deafening roars and the way fans immerse themselves in every play, remaining engaged throughout the game. Juan Soto, in turn, gives those fans ample reasons to cheer, as he currently leads his teammates in virtually every significant offensive category.

The slugger is in awe of “how loud Yankee Stadium can get and how fans enjoy every single play in the game and they are on the whole game.”

A force in Yankees’ pinstripes

Boasting a team-best .314 batting average, .414 on-base percentage, and .955 OPS, Juan Soto has been a force to be reckoned with at the plate. He leads the Yankees with 50 hits and 34 RBI, is tied for second with Aaron Judge in home runs (9), and has struck out just 24 times in 42 games. The slugger’s dominance extends beyond his team, as he also tops the AL in OBP and RBI.

The Yankees’ recent success, taking two of three games against the Tampa Bay Rays and sitting just a half-game behind the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East, is undoubtedly bolstered by Soto’s contributions. While he has a personal goal of hitting a home run in every major league park (with only four stadiums remaining: T-Mobile Park, Angel Stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field, and Globe Life Field), Juan Soto recognizes that individual achievements pale in comparison to the ultimate prize.

Juan Soto bows down to fans during his first Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on April 5, 2024.

In an interview, Juan Soto expressed his burning desire to win a championship with the Yankees and cement his place in the franchise’s storied history. He understands that trophies, rings, and parades are not awarded for personal milestones, but rather for collective success. This unwavering commitment to winning is precisely what Yankees fans, especially those eagerly awaiting Juan Soto’s Series 2 Topps cards, want to hear from their beloved right fielder.

“For me, to win a championship with the Yankees and be part of their history.”

As Juan Soto continues to excel on the field and lead the charge for the Yankees, his popularity among fans is sure to soar. The release of his Topps 2024 Series 2 baseball cards, featuring Juan Soto on the box and the wrapper of each individual card pack, will only further solidify his status as a fan favorite and a key figure in the Yankees’ pursuit of another championship.

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