Yankees place Dominguez on 60-day injured list, sign Trivino to one-year contract

Yankees rookie slugger Jasson Dominguez and pitcher Lou Trivino.
Esteban Quiñones
Wednesday February 14, 2024

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The New York Yankees have made significant moves in their pitching department, signing veteran right-handed reliever Lou Trivino to a one-year contract. This acquisition aims to bolster their bullpen while accounting for the absence of top prospect Jasson Domínguez, who has been sidelined due to injury.

Yankees sign Trivino

Trivino, who previously pitched for the Yankees during the 2022 season, brings valuable experience and a demonstrated ability to notch strikeouts, despite grappling with injuries in the past. With a club option for 2025, his return provides the team with added depth alongside established pitchers like Aroldis Chapman and Clay Holmes, enhancing their late-game options.

Lou Trivino, player of the Yankees

Lou Trivino’s signing and Jasson Domínguez’s placement for recovery from Tommy John surgery are intertwined due to their timing and impact on the New York Yankees. Trivino’s acquisition coincides with Domínguez’s sidelined status, suggesting a strategic move by the Yankees to fortify their roster amidst Domínguez’s absence. Trivino’s role becomes crucial in maintaining pitching depth and resilience while Domínguez undergoes rehabilitation, ensuring the team’s competitive edge during the recovery phase.

Jasson Dominguez on 60-day injured list

The decision to sign Trivino coincides with Jasson Domínguez’s placement on the 60-day injured list as he undergoes recovery from Tommy John surgery. This setback offers the Yankees an opportunity to evaluate their roster and ensure they have the necessary resources to navigate the challenges ahead.

Trivino’s comeback underscores his resilience and determination, having overcome obstacles to contribute to the team’s success. Despite missing the entire 2023 season due to elbow surgery, his past performances highlight his potential to make a significant impact on the mound.

As the Yankees gear up for the upcoming season, Trivino’s addition reflects their commitment to assembling a competitive roster capable of contending for championships. With a blend of seasoned veterans and promising talents, the team is poised to face challenges head-on and pursue excellence on the field.

Yankees fans buzzing over Trivino signing

The New York Yankees sparked a flurry of reactions this week after signing veteran relief pitcher Lou Trivino to bolster their bullpen. The move comes as top prospect Jasson Dominguez recovers from Tommy John surgery.

Across social media, Yankees fans expressed eager anticipation of Trivino’s contributions given his past success with the club. In 2022, Trivino posted a strong 2.14 ERA during his stint in the Bronx. His ability to log strikeouts and resilience through prior injury challenges have built confidence he can anchor the back end of the bullpen.

“With Chapman and Holmes, adding Trivino gives us a shut-down trio to secure close wins,” posted @YankeesDiehard on Twitter. Other fans echoed hopes Trivino’s late-game presence would offset questions in the starting rotation.

However, optimism was tempered by the absence of 19-year-old Dominguez, considered one of the top outfield prospects in baseball before the injury. While some fans expressed disappointment, most conveyed patience and encouragement for his recovery.

“Wishing a quick return for Jasson after rehab,” tweeted user @Yankees4Life. “The future is bright for him in pinstripes. This season we lean on proven arms like Trivino to hold it down.”

With Trivino under contract through 2025 and Dominguez on the mend, the Yankees seem equipped to compete while also building for the next generation. The front office continues to receive praise for the strategic signing.

In summary, the signing of Lou Trivino represents a strategic move by the New York Yankees to reinforce their pitching staff. As they navigate the absence of Jasson Domínguez, the team remains focused on building a roster capable of competing at the highest level. Trivino’s return injects optimism and anticipation into both the team and its fans as they prepare for the season ahead.

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