Why did Yankees fans declare ‘Hands Off Jasson!’ in firm rejection of Juan Soto trade?

The player of the New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

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One name that has been making waves during this offseason is Juan Soto, the talented outfielder from the San Diego Padres, who appears to be inching closer to the New York Yankees with each passing day. However, the potential trade involves more than just Soto’s prowess; it brings into focus the rising star in the Yankees’ system, Jasson Dominguez.

Jasson Dominguez’s season

Before delving into the potential trade, let’s look closely at Jasson Dominguez‘s remarkable 2023 season. At just 20 years old, this switch-hitting outfielder, nicknamed “The Martian,” showcased his talent across different levels. Beginning the season with Double-A Somerset, Dominguez faced initial struggles but demonstrated resilience and improvement, earning him a promotion to Triple-A Scranton and eventually a call-up to the New York Yankees.

His 2023 statistics speak volumes: in eight MLB games, Domínguez boasted a .258/.303/.677 slash line, hitting four home runs with a 162 wRC+. His performance in the minors was equally impressive, culminating in a combined 19 home runs, 41 stolen bases, and a 122 wRC+ over 118 games between Triple-A and Double-A.

While his MLB stint was cut short by an elbow injury requiring surgery, Dominguez’s impact was undeniable, and he is poised to be a significant contributor once he returns to play in 2024.

The Dilemma: Trade Dominguez for Soto?

Amidst the buzz surrounding Juan Soto’s potential move to the Yankees, discussions about including Jasson Domínguez in the trade have surfaced. Soto, a 25-year-old left-handed batter with a remarkable track record, is a coveted addition to the Yankees’ lineup.

However, fans are torn about the idea of parting ways with Dominguez, considering his potential and the impressive debut he had before the injury. The debate intensifies as Dominguez draws comparisons not only to legendary players like Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout but also to the very player he might be traded for – Juan Soto.

Juan Soto and Padres’ dilemma

The allure of Juan Soto lies not only in his consistent performance but also in his ability to adapt to Yankee Stadium’s dimensions. As a left-handed batter with power to all fields, Soto seems tailor-made for the “Short Porch” in right field, addressing the Yankees’ current struggles in left field and the need for left-handed bats in their lineup.

However, the Padres’ financial constraints and the need to trim payroll present a complex situation. Soto, entering the final year of his contract and set to make $33 million in 2024, becomes a trade target due to the Padres’ inability to extend him amidst significant existing contracts.

The Yankees’ dilemma: To trade or not to trade Dominguez?

The Yankees, eager to secure Soto, face a crucial decision regarding the inclusion of their promising outfield prospect in the trade. While Soto’s acquisition could provide immediate offensive solutions, the potential loss of Dominguez raises concerns.

Domínguez’s impressive skill set, highlighted by his power, speed, and overall offensive prowess, positions him as a key player in the Yankees’ future plans. The injury setback aside, his potential to contribute significantly upon his return adds another layer to the decision-making process.

The Juan Soto trade saga between the San Diego Padres and the New York Yankees adds excitement and speculation to the baseball community. As fans eagerly await the outcome, the fate of Jasson Domínguez hangs in the balance. Will the Yankees sacrifice their budding star for a proven talent like Soto, or will they bet on Domínguez’s potential and future contributions? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the future of the Yankees’ outfield is at a crossroads, and the decisions made will shape the team’s destiny in the seasons to come.

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3 thoughts on “Why did Yankees fans declare ‘Hands Off Jasson!’ in firm rejection of Juan Soto trade?

  1. Do what it takes to get Soto (and Bellinger).
    Only untouchables are Judge & Cole.
    Every other roster move is fixable.

    1. Bellinger is a hard NO. I wish him the best, but if he couldn’t handle the pressure of consistently playing at a high level in the low-key environment of LA, he certainly can’t handle the pressure of NYC.

      While Chicago is a major city, its fans are used to supporting the lovable losers. How many DECADES did they pack the stadium before they finally break the “jinx” of a billy goat, for gad’s sake.

      If Bellinger hits .150 in April, the fans will be booing him unmercifully (just ask Stanton), and that’s likely to make him revert to his prior levels the last two years in LA.

      It’s not worth gambling $200MM on Bellinger. That money would be better spent on Yamamoto.

      As for Soto, yes, trade for him, but without including The Martian for the reasons I outlined in another post.

  2. Only a moron like Cashman would trade 6 years of The Martian, at virtually zero dollars by today’s standards, for 1 year of Soto.

    The fact that that idiot Cashman is still GM, despite his insane rant against the press recently, is what worries me about him making yet another moronic move.

    The Great Yankee teams — that Cashman like to take credit for, but doesn’t deserve any credit — were assembled by 2 Brilliant baseball men in Gene Michaels & Bob Watson. They assembled the entire Yankees core of greatness, NOT Cashman.

    Unlike Cashman, Michaels & Watson knew baseball talent. Cashman can’t tell the difference between a Baseball and a Rocky Mountain Oyster.

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