Who is Jackson Castillo, the undrafted free agent the Yankees signed?

Jackson Castillo, the Yankees' undrafted free agent signing.
Esteban Quiñones
Wednesday August 9, 2023

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On August 2, 2023, the Yankees added a player named Jackson Castillo to their roster. He didn’t have a draft pick at first. He plays in the outfield and came from the College of Southern Nevada. A week after signing him, the Yankees assigned him to their FCL Yankees team.

Who is Jackson Castillo?

In May 2023, Auburn University recruited Jackson Castillo. He’s a sophomore at the College of Southern Nevada, and he comes from San Diego, California. He plays as an outfielder.

Jackson Castillo is having a great beginning to 2023. He’s hitting the ball really well, with a batting average of.426 in 19 games. He’s also hit seven home runs in the current season.

Early this season, Jackson Castillo displayed patience at the plate by drawing 20 walks and taking seven pitches to the face. Because of this, his on-base percentage is high .610, which is really good.

Jackson Castillo has already stolen ten bases this year, which means he’s really fast and a big challenge for the other team when he’s running.

He did really well in his first year, hitting the ball at .314, which is good, and hitting 14 home runs. Jackson Castillo also got 54 runs batted in (RBIs), which is a measure of how many runs he helped his team score.

This outfielder is 18 years old and six feet tall. Jackson Castillo is a great combination of skills because he can hit the ball really far for power, and he’s also good at getting on base and stealing bases once he’s on. Jackson Castillo’s way of hitting the ball is compact, which makes me think that moving to the SEC (a tougher league) won’t be too difficult for him.

This also means that Jackson Castillo will start competing for a spot to play in the outfield as soon as he joins. The coaching staff has really brought in an impressive player, and it will be exciting to see him wearing pinstripes and playing.

The 2021 graduate ranks 499th nationally and 91st among OFs 

Yankees sign Garrett Martin

Back in July, Garrett Martin, an outfielder from Austin Peay University, joined the New York Yankees as an undrafted free agent. During the 2023 season with the Govs, he had a really good performance. 

He hit the ball at.333, which is a high batting average, and he got on base about 46% of the time with an on-base percentage of.461. When he hits the ball, it goes far, with a slugging percentage of.709. His overall performance, known as OPS, was 1.170. This information comes from APSU Athletics.

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Standard Batting Minor Leagues

2023202 TeamsNYY1985671615111122016260.2240.3880.3130.7022102000
Minors (1 season)1985671615111122016260.2240.3880.3130.7022102000
Other (2 seasons)261201002026603187118160.260.3830.410.793412000
All Levels (2 Seasons)452051673641714309134420.2460.3850.3710.757624000
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