White Sox deny ‘no rules’ culture exposed by Yankees pitcher

Keynan Middleton pitches during the Yankees’ loss to the Astros on Aug. 4.
Jason Szenes/New York Post
Amanda Paula
Tuesday August 8, 2023

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Amidst the heat of the MLB season, a recent bombshell has hit the series between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. Former White Sox pitcher Keynan Middleton has revealed allegations of a supposed laissez-faire “no rules” atmosphere within the team, creating a shocking twist in the ongoing rivalry. The Yankees universe is buzzing with these allegations, and fans are dissecting the potential implications for their team.

While the Yankees faced a 5-1 defeat against the White Sox, and Aaron Boone‘s actions took the spotlight, the controversy surrounding Middleton’s claims is far from over.

What did Keynan Middleton say?

New York Yankees new player, Keynan Middleton

In a revealing exposé by ESPN, Middleton claims that the White Sox have ignored a rookie reliever consistently dozing off during games. He further alleges that team members have been skipping critical meetings and practices without facing consequences. White Sox management, however, strongly denies these accusations, asserting their commitment to a culture centered around victory.

White Sox fire back at Yankees Pitcher’s claim

Ahead of a crucial Yankees vs. White Sox face-off, General Manager Rick Hahn and rookie Field Manager Pedro Grifol hold their ground, stating that Middleton’s account is inaccurate. While acknowledging the need for a winning culture, Grifol emphasizes the steps they’re taking to move in that direction.

“I was surprised to see the report this morning. At no point during the course of the year had there been a reliever sleeping in the bullpen during that game. That’s just wrong.” Hahn said.

General Manager of the Chicago White Sox strikes back at Yankees pitcher's claim.

Despite starting the season with promise, the White Sox hold a disappointing 45-68 record, placing them fourth in the AL Central. Hahn firmly states that no relievers have been caught sleeping in the bullpen, revealing that the team has a player with a documented sleep disorder authorized to nap in the clubhouse under medical guidance.

Hahn discloses that the White Sox have indeed addressed player rule violations, keeping the specifics confidential in accordance with clubhouse tradition. Interestingly, Middleton himself had faced undisclosed disciplinary measures for his behavior.

While White Sox management maintains their denial, Middleton remains steadfast in his claims. As the plot thickens, Yankees fans eagerly anticipate how this controversy will impact the narrative of future clashes between the rivals. With each game taking on added significance, the Yankees strive for a playoff berth, while Middleton aims to secure his spot in the Yankees roster.

As the MLB season unfolds, the tension between the two teams is set to escalate, transforming each match into a fierce battle. Yankees enthusiasts are glued to their screens, waiting to see how these revelations will influence the team dynamics. One thing is clear – an already fiery rivalry has been fueled to an even greater intensity.

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