Which Yankees pitchers surpassed 20 wins in a season?

Andy Pettite, a former player of the New York Yankees.
Amanda Paula
Sunday August 27, 2023

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Who among the New York Yankees has amassed over 20 wins in a solitary season? Over the course of history, a select group of Yankees players has etched their names into the record books by achieving this remarkable feat.

Do you know how many pitchers have surpassed 20 wins in a season? Numerous Yankees pitchers have achieved the impressive milestone of accumulating over 20 wins in a single season throughout the team’s rich history.

CC Sebathia

Former Yankees' player CC Sabathia

Among the contemporary contenders is CC Sabathia, who graced the Yankees’ roster from 2009 to 2019. The zenith of his prowess was witnessed in the 2010 season, wherein he secured a remarkable 21 wins. Sabathia’s illustrious 19-year MLB career garnered him six All-Star accolades and culminated in a triumphant World Series campaign with the Yankees in 2009.

Andy Pettitte

Former Yankees' player, Andry Pettite

An influential force, Andy Pettitte notched 21 victories in both the 1996 and 2003 seasons during his tenure with the New York Yankees. This left-handed pitcher played an instrumental role in propelling the Yankees to five coveted World Series titles. Across a legacy spanning 19 MLB seasons, Pettitte’s prowess earned him three All-Star selections. A testament to his impact, the Yankees retired his jersey number, 46, in 2005 as a tribute to his remarkable contribution.

Jack Chesbro

Yankees' legend, Jack Chesbro

Steeped in Yankees lore, Chesbro’s legacy includes an impressive trio of seasons with 20+ wins. Noteworthy triumphs include a staggering 41 wins in 1904, 23 wins in 1906, and 21 wins in 1903. Chesbro’s dedication shone through during his near-seven-season tenure with the New York Highlanders, which later evolved into the iconic New York Yankees. His legendary achievements culminated in an induction into the esteemed Baseball Hall of Fame in 1946.

These players achieved an extraordinary feat, forever etched in the hearts of Yankees fans as the pitchers who consistently secured over 20 wins in a single season.

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