Stanton takes the blame: Owns up to performance in Yankees’ loss to Rays

New York Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton hits a two-run single against the Oakland Athletics during the second inning of game in Oakland, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022

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In a frustrating turn of events for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton acknowledges his shortcomings as he faces an ongoing battle to break free from a season-long slump. The Yankees’ hopes suffered another blow as they succumbed to a 3-0 defeat against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field on Saturday. Stanton’s journey through the 2023 season has been marred by inconsistency, despite occasionally promising exit velocities and advanced metrics. His frustrations have mounted, and he is confronted with a significant question: “Did you do enough to help win the game? Did I impact the game? Yes or no?” Stanton lamented.

Giancarlo Stanton in action for the New York Yankees

During an eight-game period where the Yankees have struggled, Stanton’s contribution has been far from satisfactory. He grappled with a troubling 1-for-22 slump, including 10 strikeouts. The sense of failing to deliver in a crucial juncture of the season has left Stanton deeply disappointed, saying to New York Post, “I didn’t do my part at an important moment in the season.”

Stanton’s recent performance offers little solace. Despite his success in the two preceding games, where he managed five hits, including three extra-base hits and four RBIs, his overall performance this season has been lackluster. He carries a batting average of just .202 and an OPS of .723.

Stanton’s self-critique

New York Yankees' Anthony Rizzo, left, congratulates Giancarlo Stanton, who hit a three-run home run against the Colorado Rockies during the second inning of a baseball game Saturday, July 15, 2023, in Denver.

The outfielder recognizes the fans’ frustration, acknowledging that he has become the target of criticism from both local and visiting Yankees fans.

As Stanton faces the inevitability of the season’s progression, he underscores the importance of a forward-focused mindset. While he refrained from detailing specific changes for next season, he assured that a thorough reassessment is underway. “It’s more about take the good and throw everything else as [expletive] deep in the ocean as possible and move forward,” Stanton emphasized.

Giancarlo Stanton attributes his recent success at the plate to the guidance of new hitting coach Sean Casey. Stanton, like DJ LeMahieu, praises Casey’s approach to the game and his understanding of the long and challenging baseball season.

Despite the frustration and scrutiny, Stanton remains resolute. He understands that the only path forward is through consistent, meaningful contributions to the team’s success. “Now, it’s about what I do every night from here on out and did I do something to contribute to a win. If I didn’t, there’s no, ‘I hit the ball hard this many times.’ Throw that [stuff] out the window,” Stanton declared.

As the Yankees continue to strive for improvement in a competitive season, Stanton’s performance will undoubtedly remain under the microscope, with hopes that his struggle will eventually give way to a triumphant resurgence.

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One thought on “Stanton takes the blame: Owns up to performance in Yankees’ loss to Rays

  1. I think he’s full of it! He had all year to get it together. And now he wants to contribute? He shows mo passion whe he strikes out! He walks away oh well. I’ll go back to bench and collect my millions fo doing nothing. But he’s not the only one. They all seem they are just going through the motions trying to get the game over and the season over as fast as they can too!

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