Watch Giancarlo Stanton stuck in mud running home, who’s at fault?

Stanton homers twice as Yankees rebound with 6-3 win over Cubs.

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Giancarlo Stanton’s baserunning blunder during the 3-1 victory against the Astros on August 5, 2023, sparked a mixture of reactions among fans and the Yankees community. In the third inning of a tied game, Stanton hit a double down the left-field line, setting the stage for a potential go-ahead run. However, as DJ LeMahieu followed with a two-out single into right-center, Stanton’s baserunning shortcomings became evident.

As Giancarlo Stanton rounded third base, he received an aggressive wave from third-base coach Luis Rojas, encouraging him to make a dash for home. But instead of running at full speed, Stanton seemed to slow down, perhaps trying to protect himself. This cautious approach cost him dearly, as Astros center fielder Mauricio Dubon made a strong throw to catcher Martin Maldonado, easily tagging Stanton out at home plate.

Fans were understandably frustrated with Stanton’s decision to hold back, as it likely cost the Yankees a crucial run in a game where runs were scarce against a dominant pitcher like Justin Verlander.

Some fans expressed their anger on social media, questioning Stanton’s effort and criticizing his baserunning choices.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone backs Stanton

During the press conference following the game, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone defended Stanton, stating that the slugger was healthy, and his decision to slow down might have been influenced by a previous hamstring injury sustained while running the bases in April. Boone acknowledged that Stanton might have been prioritizing his health, choosing not to push himself to avoid any potential reinjury.

“Sometimes if it’s not an efficient route, he’s going to protect [himself] a little bit. Two outs, hit in the gap like that, I think you’ve got to take your chances,” Boone said

The situation raised questions about the team’s offensive struggles and the importance of capitalizing on scoring opportunities, especially against top-notch pitchers like Verlander. Boone stood by his third-base coach’s decision to test Dubon’s arm and take the chance, given the circumstances of the game.

The incident also brought attention to the ongoing discussions surrounding Luis Severino, whose recent performance had been disappointing. The Yankees were yet to decide on his next scheduled start, with possible spot starters like Jhony Brito or Randy Vasquez being considered as alternatives.

Despite the controversy surrounding Stanton’s baserunning, his performance at the plate had been positive in recent games. He went 2-for-3 with a walk during the game and was showing signs of improvement in his hitting. The Yankees hoped his hot streak would continue to bolster the team’s offense.

As the game concluded with a 3-1 victory for the Yankees over the Astros, the focus shifted to the team’s upcoming games, with Jonathan Loaisiga’s anticipated return from rehab and possible lineup changes involving Stanton and Aaron Judge.

In conclusion, Giancarlo Stanton’s baserunning decision stirred mixed emotions among fans and the Yankees community. While some were angry with his cautious approach, others acknowledged the importance of prioritizing his health. As the team continued its season, Stanton’s performance and contributions would be closely watched by fans and critics alike.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Giancarlo Stanton stuck in mud running home, who’s at fault?

  1. If he can’t run, then have him be the DH!!
    Decide if his offense and trotting is more valuable than anyone else in his place.
    I would still use him until he ends up in scoring position and then substitute a runner for him. He can trot after his homers!!!

  2. I believe Rojas should of held him. His previous history of leg injuries. Since he was sent Stanton should of made a better attempt in trying to score then giving up like he did.

  3. He dogged it because he didn’t want to overly exert himself because he’s guaranteed 37 mil this year. So he doesn’t care! Let that sink in all you poor overworked people!

    1. Not True, He’s A Baller, Loves The Game! He’s Been Hurt Enough They Need Him To Get In A Rhythm of Playing Everyday And Hitting Everyday!! Not Criticized By Bias Fans That Will Kick Him When He’s Down Regardless!!! If He Gets Hurt Again, Then it’s, He Always Hurt And Can’t Stay Healthy! If He Tries To Help The Team By Staying in The Lineup. Then, He’s Not Hustling And He’s Selfish! You Can’t Please Hatred!!!

    2. The last comment suddenly reminded of a quote from “A Bronx Tale”. I’ll always be a Yankees fan but the last decade of team rosters, I feel, show a group of guys that worked their whole lives to make it on this team, and now that they “made it” the drive just isn’t there anymore for many of them. They’re still making their money, I don’t feel sorry for them other than the few that are working hard and trying to push themselves and teammates to get it going. One year we will get a driven “team” back but we’ll have to continue to struggle before we get hungry again.

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