Was Boone right to drop red-hot Aaron Judge?

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is at the dugout with Nestor Cortes in Cincinnati against the Reds on May 21, 2023.

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CINCINNATI — No manager was subject to scrutiny as much as Aaron Boone. His dropping of Aaron Judge on Sunday led many to question. The Yankees slugger remains in excellent form with five home runs and 12 RBIs in his last seven games.

Boone took a calculated risk

Following Aaron Judge’s continued offensive dominance in the Yankees’ 7-4 triumph over the Reds, manager Aaron Boone decided to make some alterations on Sunday.

Manager Aaron Boone rested outfielder Aaron Judge. The Yankees slugger has played in 12 games since coming off the disabled list on May 9. Boone reasoned that the Peacocks’ game of the week would be a good time to bench Judge due to its early start time (11:35 am) and the team’s off day (Monday) before the next homestand.

After Saturday’s game, Aaron Judge was informed of the decision, and to the surprise of many, he did not make a plea to at least be included in the lineup as the designated hitter.

Boone mentioned that they have established a good understanding of the situation. He approached Aaron Judge after the game and conveyed his plan to give him a day off. The Yankees captain responded with a nonchalant attitude, expressing his willingness to go along with whatever Boone thought was best.

Boone explained that considering the early start on Sunday, he believed it was necessary to rest Aaron Judge. He had initially planned to give the Yankees captain a day off in Toronto but ended up resting Anthony Rizzo instead. Boone felt that Rizzo needed a break in Toronto, and therefore, he made the decision to rest Aaron Judge on Sunday, considering it the smart and prudent choice.

Aaron Judge rarely takes off

Prior to his stint on the injured list, Aaron Judge had been a regular starter in the Yankees‘ lineup, appearing in the team’s first 26 games of the season. Therefore, Sunday marked the first instance this year where he was not included in the lineup while being on the active roster.

Boone justified his decision, noting that he had frequently used Judge as a designated hitter in previous games. However, considering Aaron Judge’s consistent on-base performance and the upcoming off day on Monday, Boone recognized the importance of giving him a break from playing in the field.

Nonetheless, deciding to rest Aaron Judge is always a challenging decision, especially considering his remarkable form. Following an 11-game absence due to a hip strain, he made a strong comeback, hitting an impressive .378 in his first 12 games back. Aaron Judge recorded seven home runs and 18 RBI during this stretch, contributing significantly to the Yankees’ 10-2 record.

Entering Saturday’s game, Aaron Judge had already hit seven home runs in his previous seven games. Although he didn’t hit another one out of the park, he had a remarkable performance, going 4-for-4 with a double, a walk, and three RBI. His clutch single in the 10th inning proved to be the decisive hit that secured the Yankees’ victory.

Boone acknowledged the difficulty of sitting Aaron Judge and emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline in doing so. He believed that giving the slugger some rest would be beneficial not only in the present but also as the season progresses. Boone expressed his hope that the Yankees power hitter would have the opportunity to take a couple of days off.

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