Umpire ejects Yankees coach, Boone’s reaction defies expectations

Yankees' assistant hitting coach Brad Wilkerson and manager Aaron Boone following the former's ejection in Miami on August 13, 2023.

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The Yankees are desperate to win and get into the playoffs, and this appears to be taking a toll on their support staff. On Sunday, the plate umpire threw out assistant hitting coach Brad Wilkerson following an altercation. The last series against the White Sox witnessed a highly publicized ejection of Yankees manager Aaron Boone, who made sure to avoid that fate in Miami.

The ejection of the Yankees coach is a kneejerk reaction

During the eighth inning of their eventual 8-7 defeat to the Marlins, the Yankees were in the lead with a score of 7-2. However, Anthony Volpe was called out by home plate umpire James Hoye.

The pitch seemed to be located at the lower part of the strike zone. Even strike two was not in the right zone. Following the third strike call, the Yankees rookie shortstop crouched down and gazed downward in exasperation before making his way back to the dugout, where it appeared that a significant amount of chatter was taking place.

This led to assistant hitting coach Brad Wilkerson arguing with plate umpire Hoye. Following a brief interval, Hoye decided to eject the Yankees’ coach, marking Wilkerson’s first ejection of the season. However, manager Boone was contrasting in his behavior. He looked rather cool with a more lenient demeanor toward the umpire at LoanDepot Park.

Manager Aaron Boone proceeded onto the field to converse with Hoye, but surprisingly, he was not ejected—a potential sign of improvement for the American League leader, who has already amassed six ejections this season.

Throughout the week, the Yankees have experienced a fair share of umpire-related frustration. This was highlighted by Boone’s ejection on Monday when he engaged in a heated dispute with Laz Diaz and even mimicked the umpire’s strikeout gesture.

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