Aaron Boone’s wild reaction after his ejection sparks buzz among fans

A cartoon rendition of how Yankees manager Aaron Boone reacted to his ejection vs. the White Sox on Aug 07, 2023.
Michael Bennington
Tuesday August 8, 2023

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During Monday night’s 5-1 defeat to the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone added to his record-leading count of six ejections in the American League this season. One of the standout moments was Aaron Boone’s comical rendition of the umpire’s striking-out gesture, a truly unique performance that is difficult to put into words and warrants multiple replays.

Plate umpire Laz Diaz ejected Aaron Boone when he disagreed with a strike call against Anthony Volpe, who faced Chicago reliever Bryan Shaw at the start of the eighth inning. Following his ejection, the Yankees manager rushed to home plate and engaged in a dramatic performance, waving his arms theatrically.

Aaron Boone took the opportunity to show Laz Diaz the precise location where the umpire had made two critical strike calls in error. The manager crouched down and traced a line in the dirt at the boundary of the left-handed batter’s box using his finger, indicating his perception of where the pitch should have been. He then mimicked Diaz’s forceful strike-three gesture in a demonstrative manner.

Promptly after his ejection, Aaron Boone ensured he maximized the situation, engaging in a continuous exchange of words with Diaz, who responded with equal fervor.

Aaron Boone’s voice was clearly audible on the broadcast, expressing his frustration with a blunt, “You f–king stink,” directed toward Diaz at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Subsequently, he approached the home plate area, crouching down to sketch a line within the left-handed batter’s box. This gesture appeared to indicate the location where Diaz had erred in judging pitches as strikes.

Following another outburst directed at Diaz, Aaron Boone proceeded to take on an umpire’s posture near the home plate and simulated signaling a batter out on strikes, accompanied by a derisive pointing gesture.

Aaron Boone’s tirade wasn’t over yet, as he swiftly resumed his verbal assault on Diaz, only to be intervened by the other members of the umpiring team and bench coach Carlos Mendoza.

“I hear about it every f–king day,” Aaron Boone appeared to yell. “You’re s–t.”

On his route back to the clubhouse, he ensured to taunt him in a derisive manner.

Volpe fell victim to a sinker that seemed to graze the outer edge of the strike zone, but the Yankees‘ mounting frustration was evident. They left a total of 13 runners stranded and faced 12 strikeouts. Despite receiving eight walks from the White Sox pitchers, they could only manage to score a single run.

Aaron Boone was clearly upset, having been ejected for the 32nd time in his managerial career. He felt that there were numerous questionable pitch calls throughout the game.

He added that the issue wasn’t solely about the umpiring; the team needed to seize opportunities and capitalize on them.

Aaron Boone in action against the White Sox.

Aaron Boone peeved at Diaz’s mistake

In the Yankees’ first game of the series against the White Sox on Monday night, Aaron Boone became visibly agitated with Diaz, the home plate umpire, due to what seemed to be a significant issue with the strike zone.

In the seventh inning, with the Yankees behind 2-1 and runners stationed at first and third, DJ LeMahieu stepped up to the plate.

On the very next play, he quickly accumulated three strikes and was called out, although it seemed that Diaz had made two significant misjudgments during LeMahieu’s time at the plate. It peeved the Yankees manager.

Diaz deemed Lane Ramsey’s initial slider as a strike, yet both the broadcast and MLB’s strike zone diagram displayed the pitch as distinctly outside, extending even to the opposite left-handed batter’s box. A pair of the strikes called by Laz Diaz against DJ LeMahieu seemed to be notably off-target, as per MLB.com’s GameCast analysis.

Following that, LeMahieu managed to make contact with the subsequent pitch, hitting a foul ball, thereby putting himself in a challenging 0-2 count situation, only for Diaz to make another striking decision.

Then, in the sequence, Diaz made another call on Ramsey’s fastball, which seemed to be well outside the strike zone by several inches, yet he deemed it a strike, resulting in the striking out of LeMahieu.

In the seventh inning, Harrison Bader swung and missed to conclude the inning, while the eighth inning kicked off with Anthony Volpe being called out on strikes. The performance of home plate umpire Laz Diaz in making ball and strike calls didn’t sit well with Aaron Boone. When Diaz issued a strikeout call against shortstop Anthony Volpe at the start of the eighth inning, it marked the fourth Yankees batter to be called out on strikes. This was the tipping point for Boone, who initiated his outburst following Volpe’s turn at bat.

Boone has matched Cincinnati’s David Bell for the highest number of ejections by a manager this season, totaling six. Although every ejection carries the same consequence, they vary in impact, and this particular incident is likely to be a lasting memory for those who witnessed it.

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