Yankees vs. Orioles: The 2019 power-packed show led by Gleyber Torres


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In 2019, the Yankees displayed an unprecedented level of dominance over the Orioles, surpassing any previous instances of one team overpowering another in Major League history. New York unleashed an extraordinary barrage of home runs against Baltimore, establishing a new record for the most long balls ever hit by a team in a single season against a specific opponent. Their prodigious power hitting was so remarkable that it distinguished itself even in a year known for an abundance of home runs across the league.

Now, let’s delve into some mind-boggling statistics from this incredibly lopsided matchup.

61 HRs, the Yankees’ best ever against a team in a season

Throughout the course of their 19 encounters, the two teams clashed repeatedly, and the Yankees astonishingly launched 61 balls over the outfield fence. This remarkable feat shattered the previous record of 48 home runs set by the 1956 Yankees against the Kansas City A’s, achieved over a span of 22 games. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that the current Bronx Bombers surpassed that record by a staggering 27 percent, despite playing three fewer games against their opponent.

Gleyber Torres equaled Lou Gehrig’s record


Gleyber Torres, the Yankees infielder, notably capitalized on his encounters with the Baltimore Orioles during the 2019 season, as almost half of his home runs were hit against that specific team. In games against opponents other than the Orioles, Torres maintained a relatively average performance, batting around .261/.326/.420, resulting in an OPS+ of approximately 98, with 13 home runs across 92 games. However, when facing Baltimore, Torres experienced a remarkable surge in his performance, belting 13 home runs in just 18 games while boasting an outstanding batting average of .394, on-base percentage of .467, and a slugging percentage of 1.045, leading to an extraordinary OPS+ of 285.

In terms of hitting the most home runs against a single team in a single season, the record is held by another legendary Yankee player, Lou Gehrig. Back in 1936, Gehrig accomplished this extraordinary feat by smashing an even greater number of home runs against the Cleveland Indians.

Yankees power show was onesided

In 2018, the Yankees made history by establishing a new major league record with an impressive 267 home runs. In 2019, they better it. On the other hand, the Orioles had already endured the surrendering of 250 home runs in the 2019 season, coming within a mere eight home runs of the record set by the 2016 Reds. With 41 games left to play, Baltimore’s pitching staff was at risk of breaking the existing record. Even if the rout against the Yankees were excluded, the Orioles still allowed an average of 1.85 home runs per game, a figure that would surpass the previous record of 1.59 home runs per game.

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